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About K* Shoes

Published at 03/12/2012 21:41:57


About K* Shoes

K Shoes is an American brand of shoes that are marketed with the aspect that they tend to keep the feet very comfortable. Their most popular offering has been running shoes and they are well known for their soft interior lining. The design is generally streamlined with the principle to lessen the load on the feet while running. This is done with a variety of maneuvers like addition of soft lining or usage of streamline sole. K shoes are available for everybody and can be checked online as well. An interesting feature is a video feature on the website that gives a customized advantage to those who use it.


This footwear company was established way back in the 1960’s by a couple of Swiss brothers. Their names were Art and Ernie Brunner, who had developed an interest for developing tennis shoes. They have been credited for introducing leather tennis shoes in America for the first time. A businessman by the name of Steven Nichols was impressed by the success of the company and bought it in 1986. It was during that period that the company blossomed greatly to earn more than $500 million in global sales in 2006. The company has excelled in developing comfort oriented tennis/running shoes that are very easy on the feet.


These days, the most successful comfortable foot wear on offer from k shoes is the blade light run for men and women. These are really nicely made shoes with nice color scheming as well. They are available in a variety of hues and laced/non laced option as well. This shoe carries a special form of extension that doesn’t allow the feet to tire out soon after running. The best thing about this range is that the sole expansion has been designed to accommodate the sweat factor as well. The main aim of these shoes is to keep the feet in the best possible running condition for as long as possible. The lace less variety has Velcro strap which secures the mid area of the foot very nicely. As is the case with their other varieties, these k shoes also have impact protection as well. All of them have been made with the notion that the running ability of an athlete or a sportsman depends on the make of the shoes as well. As the phrase goes, these shoes have been actually being made for running. So it would be safe to say the mainstream feature and designing of the k shoes has been done for running purposes.

Tips and comments

As mentioned in the introduction, it is recommended that people check out the video feature on the main website as well. This is a more of a customized feature that allows users to get the best out of their k shoes. The instructor also performs a variety of exercises and also elaborates which forms of shoes are more preferable for people. Different feet type and their suiting shoes are also mentioned. This tends to optimize the running and exercising potential of the people using these shoes.