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About Teva Shoes

Published at 03/13/2012 19:53:58


Whether you are looking for decent shoes to hang out on a lazy summer day with your friends or shoes to wear on a hiking trip - Teva shoes are a flawless niche for you. Teva shoes have all the excellent qualities the users usually look for. They are comfortable, durable and attainable in various sizes, especially for people who have narrow or wide feet with high arches. Teva shoes are trendy, stylish, contemporary and have reasonable prices as well.


Teva shoes are a part of a company Deckers Outdoor Corporation. It is a footwear brand based in United States. It was founded in 1973 by Doug Otto. It manages six brands: Teva, UGG Australia, Tsubo, Sanuk, Mozo and Ahnu. Teva shoes were designed by Mike Thatcher. In 1982, he noted the need of specific shoes for water activity. The sneakers he used got heavy due to absorption of water, took ages to dry and were slippery against the wet surfaces. He created a thong style sandals with nylon ankle strap and thus creating a first sport sandal. He sold about 200 pair of shoes in the first year under the name 'Amphibious Utility Sandals'. They turned out to be very cogent water sports footwear. The following year, they became quite popular among the American youngsters. Thatcher partnered up with Deckers Outdoor Corporation which eventually bought the rights. The initial model was Hurricane and it made the foundation of all Teva shoes.


Teva shoes are made of extremely high quality vinyl material. They are created for men, women and children of all ages. The casual shoes come in a massive range of designs and make an attractive choice for hang outs and fun nights out. Examples include Kayode, Temple Peak and The Vardon and plenty of others. They fit snugly and look really chic and stylish. Teva hiking shoes are the ultimate shoes for an outdoor enthusiast. There are plenty of designs to fulfill your needs. Strength, durability, flexibility, comfort and fashion define the hiking Teva shoes. They are waterproof, have a very comfortable padded heels, proper ventilation that prevents the build up of heat and provide an excellent grip without getting soggy and heavy. They have an anti slip feature which make them quite safe for water use. Multi-sport shoes are for casual as well as for sports wear. They have a shock absorbing feature which protects the feet from injury and impact forces. The sole used in Teva shoes is quite flexible and lasts for a long period of time. Teva shoes are specifically designed for water activity, rafting, boating, hiking, rock climbing, repelling yet they are also perfect for a run, a quiet stroll or a trip to the shopping mall.

Tips and comments

Teva shoes are highly fashionable and a best choice for sportswear. They will not disappoint you. Once you have tried them out, it will be hard to buy another shoes other than Teva shoes. They are durable, safe and splendid for both sportswear and casual use. Throw them on in a matter of seconds and go have some fun and sporty time