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About Gel Inserts For Shoes

Published at 03/13/2012 18:44:12


As if buying good quality shoes that are both pleasant to look at and comfortable to wear wasn’t difficult enough, God help you if you suffer from a problematic foot pain or have other issues that require you to wear a double narrow or a double wide size. For those people out there who suffer from problematic foot pains and who particularly have trouble adjusting to the heels of most of the shoes in the market, fear not as all hope is not yet lost. Although it is certainly difficult to always find that perfect shoe you have always been looking for, you can at least work on making those uncomfortable shoes of you’re a little bit easier on your feet.


About Gel Inserts For Shoes

A lot of people who have back pain or heel pain from uncomfortable shoes have the option of either buying extremely expensive shoes designed specifically for their particular foot problem or they can buy relatively less expensive insoles designed to be put inside shoes that can help alleviate some of the problematic issues that they face with foot pain. These insoles are particularly great for those of you out there who have trouble finding comfortably fitting heels due to a larger foot size or those who have to wear dress shoes for lengthy time periods due to job demands. These shoe inserts come in number of designs and brands and can retail from anywhere close to $10 and up to $50 for the higher end brands.


Although there are many different types of shoe inserts currently available in the market, those suffering from chronic foot and back troubles tend to agree that gel shoe inserts are probably the best option out there. Gel shoe inserts are insoles that have been designed to be placed inside a shoe, over the regular insoles and are specifically designed to minimize discomfort help alleviate foot pain and allow the wearers to have a prolonged feel of ease and comfort while wearing their shoes. These gel shoe insoles are available in a number of sizes and can be customized to fit small shoe sizes (4-6) to larger sizes such as 9-12.
The gel shoe insoles themselves are thin pads made from a cushiony material that has been filled with a fluid gel that helps with the stability of the wearer and eliminates the pain caused by standing for extended periods on hard surfaces. These gel shoe inserts have been designed based on the fact that a gel like material under the foot helps allow a better distribution of weight across the foot and helps people with problems such as swollen feet, legs and helps lessen joint swelling and joint pain as well as chronic back pain resulting from putting too much weight on the feet for too long. 

Tips and comments

If you have been suffering from any such problems, you have a number of option and brand names to choose from. As most of these gel shoe inserts have been designed for extensive wear and are washable, most can last as long as up to 2 months with proper care. Therefore buying an expensive version from manufacturers such as Dr. Scholl’s, which promises to absorb shock and help support feet, can be a good option as these will last you for a while. However if you are short on money there are a number of other brands such as Spenco’s Gel Insoles and Ironman Gel Performance insoles which are much more affordable and are considered to be almost just as good.