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Where To Buy Water Resistant Shoes

Published at 03/15/2012 16:08:45


Difference between water proof and water resistant shoes
Water resistant shoes are designed to prevent wearer’s feet from getting wet when they are walking outdoor. Water resistant shoes and water proof shoes are not same because water proof shoes are made differently with complete water repelling materials and are designed to be worn when swimming or submersed in water. Water resistant shoes simply offer resistance from water for various activities like hiking, working outside or for everyday wear. They are not made out of a material which is inherently water resistant like, rubber or plastic or sometime simply they are coated with a water resistant or repelling material. Before purchasing water resistant shoes it is important to consider the purpose of its use. Rain boots are good when you have work outdoor or walking to work, but taken off and replace with office shoes or for all day comfort-- rain boots are not suitable.


Most of the waterproof running shoes are made with a breathable/ waterproof fabric called Gore-Tex. This fabric is capable of repelling water pressure of 40 pound per square inch or 40 psi which is more than good enough for any heavy rain storm.

The running shoes that are labeled as water-repellent or water-resistant shoes can hardly hold water pressure between 3 to 5 psi and are suitable for light rainfall. If these resistant shoes are exposed for a longer period in wet conditions the moisture will dampen inside of the shoe. The difference is based on the water pressure on the shoe and the length of exposure in adverse condition.


Different variety & prices
Here is a brief description of variety of shoes from the leading manufacturers of the world with their retail price. They are all available online.
Water Resistant Hunter Boot with suede lace back up, soft water resistant, round toe> Price $395
Water-Resistant Chandler Hunter Boot, lined with luxurious shearling, soft leather> Price $295
Water-Resistant DC Rover Hiking shoes, suede upper Foam, synthetic leather, Foam padded collar and tongue Price> $54
Water-Resistant Buckle Hunter Boot, extra buckles, plush shearling lining and suede construction Price> $350
Water-resistant Steel Toe Classic Lawn grips Slip-on Boots > Price $105.
Here is a short list of water proof and water resistant shoe products from Indian manufacturers with their retail price:
Safety Shoe: Real leather at the top, PU sole water proof, oil proof, quakeproof Price not mentioned,
Dealer and Manufacturer: Tarun enterprise. Contact 494/3, Shastri Nagar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Vitosha Shoe: Inner fabric waterproof, rubber sole, leather finish, pasting of sole is guaranteed, flexible suitable for athletes and players.
R.K. Sports: Distributor and wholesaler. Contact: 162, Gautam Nagar, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Tips and comments

Water resistant shoes are available in many designs for all ages and sizes. Since these shoes are used in extreme situations like rain or snows, it is a good idea to buy more than one pair. You can have an idea on the designs and prices of these shoes, online. Many manufactures prepare treatment sprays that maintain the water and stain resistant capacity of these shoes. These materials are very effective on delicate materials like suede, however, it is never a good idea to wear suede shoe in the rain.