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What You Should Know About Playing At Shoes

Published at 03/12/2012 21:00:02


It surprising just much difference a person’s footwear makes to their overall
appearance. If you take time to dress well but neglect your shoes it can destroy the
whole look. Shoes of’ course firstly are needed for a much need function, namely,
of protecting our feet from the rough surfaces on which we walk. Shoes enable us
to cover distances which we would not be able to do barefoot. Hiking and many
other sports would be much more difficult and painful if there were no shoes. But we
don’t buy shoes solely for their functional attributes. Many of us, especially women
will have numerous shoes which are bought for aesthetic purposes. Some shoes
manufactures have been successful making their products into status symbols. This
has made countless people look at shoes as though they are much more than just a
functional tool.


 Shoes have been used by human for thousands of years. In Armenia shoes were found
which are believed to be over 5000 years old. These ancient shoes consisted of a
single piece of leather which was tied together at the top a cord. The cord looks like
a pre-historic version of today’s shoelaces. It is most probable that these shoes were
constructed by the person who wore them. Erick Trinkuas, a physical anthropologist
has even suggested that the evolution of human body was probably influenced by
the invention of shoes. As our ancient ancestors started to use shoes this resulted in a
decrease in thickness of toe bones.


Have come along way from that time and now getting a pair of shoes is a fairly easily.
All you have Many of us like to look at shoes which people wear. Increasingly,
shoes have become a way to express your personal style and flair. If we look at
shoes closely what we see is that there are about four or five main parts of a shoe
depending on the type. These parts are sole, insole, outsole, midsole, tongue, and heel.
Depending on the type of show the parts might be different. For example women’s
stiletto shoes generally do not have a tongue as the tongue is usually found on sports
shoes which have shoelaces. Women’s shoes are generally sold under the categories
of wedges, pumps, sandals, boots, flats and stiletto. Women generally tend to wear
boots during the winter and autumn months as boots keep their feet warm. High
heeled shoes such as pumps and stilettos are associated with formal events and are
generally not worn for normal use.

Tips and comments

A recent trend in the shoe market is people buying shoes online after having looked
at shoes on the websites of either the manufacturer or other shoe retailers. With
the advent of social media many shoe enthusiasts have created groups and pages
on websites such as Facebook which allow them to share photo and discussion the
latest shoe fashions. These Facebook shoe groups allow people to look at shoes from
various manufacturers and exchange tips and feedback on particular models of shoes.
If you are looking at shoes for formal events then one of the best manufactures of
such shoes is the French shoe brand Christian Louboutin.