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About the Etnies Brand Of Shoes

Published at 03/13/2012 19:38:14


Etnies shoes are made by a French based company which is situated in California these days. The ownership of this company belongs to Sole Technology. Shoes happen to be one the main selling feature of this company which also sells clothing designed for a specific purpose, for instance skateboarding or surfing. It makes shoes for both the gender and also babies related footwear range is also available. One of the main stream selling etnies shoes includes sneakers for men and women. They have been widely appreciated for their design and also the level of comfort they are able to provide. These days, the company’s focus has shifted to clothing as well.


As mentioned earlier etnies shoes made it to the market via a French based market. The company started its working in America in 1986. The initial purpose of launch was to cater to the skateboarding culture, which was high at that time. So, naturally the earlier products focused more on such footwear that coincided with this particular culture. The current ownership of the company belongs to Sole technology. Before that, during 1989, a professional skateboarder, Pierre Andre has taken control of the company. The later half of 90’s saw etnies shoes taking a turn from skateboarding shoes to a more diverse offering in terms of footwear.


If one were to visit the website of etnies shoes, they would find that shoes are available in the option of men, women, kids and team. They have been assorted in a manner that people of different taste can find what they are looking for. One of the most popular offering from etnies shoes has been the fader 1.5 rockstar which would fall in the category of joggers. The design is pretty sleek and the overall build of the shoes is very comfortable as well. A similar variant to it has also been popular in the market and is known as the Fader V Fusion rockstar. In the casual variety, etnies Jameson 2 men shoes have fared as very nice footwear. These are very natural sneakers that are pleasing to the eyes and also to the feet. Etnies fader Vulc is available for both men and women. The variety of color and design varies from the type. Baby products also include a variety of cool shoes for children. The fabric of these shoes is soft and tailor-made for small age children.

Tips and comments

The ideal way to buy etnies shoes would be through the online mode. This gives the customer the edge of taking a look at the complete variety rather than that which would be present in a store. Apart from that one can view different color combination and decide which would suit them best. This comfort is generally not possible in a shop. Etnies shoes are also offering a good will gesture which needs to be appreciated. The offer is based on the green approach adopted by some companies across the world. This offer is on the Jameson 2 Eco shoes, upon the sale of which, a tree would be planted in the Costa Rica’s rainforest.