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Bass Shoes is brand that is specifically known for quality shoes. This brand of shoes has attained a lot of footing in the fashion Industry over the past years. Bass shoes are good quality leather shoes that are made with a lot of hard work by the workmen’s. This brand makes sure the purpose of the shoes is fulfilled, which is to provide comfort when they are worn.


Bass Shoes was started by George Henry Bass in 1870’s. George started bass shoes when he bought shares in a company called ‘E.P Packard & Co’. This company was a shoe manufacturing company. When George became the solitary owner of this company he changed the name to G. H. Bass & Co. Bass shoes had a very unique way of doing business. They used to take orders, and only then would they manufacture and provide the shoes to the customers. Once the shoes had been delivered, then the customers were to provide feedback to Bass Shoes and let them know, what they thought of the shoes and also help them improve their quality of service.


Bass shoes is a big brand now, it has shoes not only in the United States but also, in Europe, Asia and South America. This brand is known for superior quality casual and ‘weekend’ footwear. They offer, shoes for men in the following category, such as Boots, Casuals, dress, Slippers and also web exclusives that are found on bass shoes website only. Bass Shoes also has a few exclusive collections, such as the Signature, Sunjuns, Weejun 75th, Weejuns, Mark McNairy, American Classics, and Bass Rachel Antonoff. Each collection is special and unique in its own way. For Women Bass Shoes offers a little more variety, they have the Web exclusives that are only available online. The other categories are Boots, Casuals, Dress, Sandals and Slippers. The exclusive collections include the same ones that are for men’s footwear. When you hear that bass shoes are leather shoes, then one expects them to be a specific style, but Bass Shoes, makes you understand that they can make beautiful and chic shoes even with leather. They make beautiful leather pumps, and medium heels. Bass shoes even make shoes for the little ones. They have divided them in the categories of Boys and Girls only. The cutest part is that exclusive collections available for men and women also make shoes for the little ones!

Tips and comments

The price range of Bass shoes ranges from affordable to a little pricey. But in general they have very affordable clothes. You can find shoes for $ 50 and up. But if you shop during sale season, then you can find them to be even more affordable. The best part is that Bass Shoes has a sale section in stores and online all throughout the year. This shoes company has stayed very true to its roots. You won’t see them deviate from their initial idea and purpose. Their shoes are still just as comfortable and good quality.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/13/2012
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About Bass Brand Name Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.