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How To Find Shoes in a Size 10


If you are a woman who wears a size 10 shoe, the good news and bad news is that you have a lot of company. This is bad news because if you wear this size you may wish your feet were much smaller and you may even feel a little uncomfortable when you buy shoes in person because of this. However, it's also good news because as long as you shop early, it is pretty easy to find the shoes you love in this size because it is a popular shoe size.

Step 1

Always measure your feet once a year to make sure your shoe size has not changed significantly. Even after we become adults the size of our feet can change throughout our lives, so it is not unusual to discover that you can no longer wear the shoes you were able to comfortably wear a few years ago. If you wear size 10 shoes today, you may have worn a smaller size a decade ago, especially if you have gained weight since then.

Step 2

Shop early for the best selection and include online stores as well as brick and mortar stores on your shopping list. Shopping in person is great for receiving immediate gratification, but online retailers often have a more extensive selection to choose from. Although size 10 shoes are easy to find, since they are the largest of the regular sizes offered for most women's shoes, they are also a popular size because even if a shoe style comes in half sizes, finding a shoe in a 9 1/2 is rare. This means that those customers who wear a size 9 1/2 and customers who wear a size 10 are both competing for the same size 10 shoes.


Step 3

For the most flattering fit, stay away from clunky styles when buying size 10 shoes because these styles can make size 10 feet look even bigger. Also avoid shoes that have too much detailing like straps and heavily textured material. Textured material like woven material can make feet look both wider and longer, so avoid this type of material at all costs for your size 10 feet.

Step 4

Consider shopping at shoe stores that specialize in selling shoes in sizes larger than the standard 6- 10 shoe sizes. Although most of these stores begin at size 11, many are also including size 10 shoes for women. That's a smart marketing move on their part because it's sure to increase their sales since they will have access to women who wear size 10 and women who wear size 9 1/2. Another benefit to shopping for shoes with these retailers is that they tend to carry a larger selection of attractive shoes that are flattering for women with large feet.

Step 5

Pay careful attention to color when shopping for your size 10 shoe. Although you can wear whatever color you want, in whatever material you desire, some colors and materials can make your feet look larger, so keep this in mind while shopping.


  • When considering retailers that specialize in selling shoes in large sizes, look for stores that mention selling shoes for tall and or plus size women.
  • Always shop for shoes at the end of the day, because your feet are usually larger than they are first thing in the morning.

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