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Best Style Swim Suit To Wear With Flip Flop Shoes

Published at 03/22/2012 12:52:57


Flip-flop shoes or casual style that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Flip-flops also called by a different names including Bombs Japanese sandals and spa sandals, among other names. Flip shoes come in two different styles. One style is an open shoe with a flat sole and and a upside Y-shaped strap that keeps the shoe on the foot. The bottom of the Y-shape fits between your first and second toes and the open part of the Y-shape connects to the flat soul of the flip flop on either side of the foot. The second style of flip-flop Has the same flat sole but instead of a long strap it is held in place by one ban across the top of the feet just under the toes.



Flip shoes are a staple at spas around the world because this style offers spa guests basic foot protection. Spa owners find the shoes convenient to keep in stock because they do not require much storage space and they can get them monogrammed with the spas logo for future advertising purposes.The same features that make these shoes so attractive to guests at spas are the reasons why they're also popular as beachwear. The only difference is that beach flip shoes are usually more sturdy than the more disposable spa versions



Flip shoes are popular as beach footwear because they are usually waterproof and are easy to dry. this means that getting sand between your toes is not a problem with these shoes because all you have to do is slip them off and rinse the sand out under running water and then slip them back on and continue with the rest of your day. another good thing about the issues is that they are so portable. They are flat enough that you can put them in a plastic bag and carry them in your beach bag to have them ready whenever you need them. You can also carry more than one pair in case you want to have an extra pair is a backup or if you want to have one pair that is dressier than the other pair to alternate them to suit the occasion.

Because of the versatility of flip shoes any style of beachwear will be suitable with a, but you may want to think about what made the colors of your flip-flops with your swim suits. for instance, If your swimsuit is that basic black color, you may want to buy in bright colors or even metallic colors to add a bit of pop to your swimsuit.

Another thing to consider with flip shoes is that because they do not offer much support for your feet you want to be careful about the kind of swimsuit you wear with them. If you are wearing a swimsuit that requires constant adjusting for some reason, you should only wear flip-flops that have a single band across the top because they offer a bit more support than the thong style of flip shoe does. you may also want to try to find a flip shoe that has the combination of a band and thong flip flop. This style has a band across the top and also a piece of material between the first and second toe. this style is harder to find than the other two because people tend to prefer one style or the other.

Tips and comments

  • When wearing flip shoes with a new swimsuit for the first time, make sure you also wear them with a swimsuit cover-up just in case there any problems. That way, if you find you need to make frequent adjustments to your swimsuit, the beach cover-up will provide camouflage to prevent embarrassing situations.