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The Most Common Size in Mens Shoes


Have you ever wondered what is the most common “size mens shoes”? There was a time when size 14 was considered the footprint of a giant man. But at the present the huge size is becoming quite normal. Latestshoes selling figure shows that the average size mensshoes has gone up by one size in previous five years.

Half a decade ago, the average “size mens shoes” was 8 in United Kingdom.But now it has increased to 9. Demands for size 14 and even more than this have increased in few years because the size men’s feet seems to be growing longer and broader. Due to this reason, the stocking size is considered 13 and 14 in not only the United State but all around the world. The high street chain is producing 13 and abovesizemens shoes as a standard fitting in all ranges.


Currently, the largest size mens shoes that stocks in most majority of the markets is 12, but this size has not changed to 7. Moreover, size 7 is also the standard measurement from past 30 years. Medical experts say that the epidemic obesity of people is fueling the change in the size of shoe. Obesity epidemic is the major cause that a person is forced to use the large size show.

Moreover, they also believe that by taking the processed food and high density foods during the puberty stimulate the growth of hormone. As a result many parts of body can increase in size including the waist, hands and feet. Many medical experts claim that they are practicing in this for more than 40 years and in this time period they found that the standard size mens shoes has changed dramatically.


It is the not only size mens shoes that increased. The average shoe size for women also seems longer and broad. Once, it was much difficult for women to achieve size 5 but now it is normal size and for men, size 12 had been considered extremely big 12 years back. Now, the most common “size mens shoes” is 16.

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It is a part of evolution process and people are now becoming taller and bigger. People feel proud for having a height of 6 feet. Now 6 ft or over is common height for youngsters. Besides the increase in height, their feet are also growing bigger. Do you know why the size of different parts of body is growing now? This is due to the fact that the life style and diet of modern age for both men and women have been changed.It also seems that the shoes size of young people is more than old people. Youngsters eat more food that helps in stimulating the growth hormone which effect on their overall body.

Once, the common size mens shoes was 6 to 7, but now 9, 10, 11 and 12 are most common everywhere. According to one sales figure, people of Birmingham have largest foot size, followed by other places including Belfast, Liverpool, London and Cardiff.

By david mecheld, published at 03/22/2012
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