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Yellow Box Shoes is undoubtedly one of the top of the line and luxurious brands of footwear one can get in this industry. Their high end products are fashion forward, cutting edge and most definitely unique; very few other brands can be counted within the league of Yellow Box. The brand provides you with a mind boggling range of shoes at any given time, making it quite hard to purchase only one pair. The brand can be said follows the brand philosophy of bright and vibrant patterns and colors which is quite visible within their products. If you are searching for that latest design and style of shoes that are all the craze in the fashion scene and that also at an affordable price, then Nine West is definitely a brand for you to check out. The brand which is always a step ahead with the reigning trends will offer you a breathe taking collection of casual as well as formal shoes.


Although the brand of Diesel is largely associated with a great pair of jeans that every teenager desires to possess and the consumers have an image of "cool" that they tag with the brand, Diesel's footwear line is also one of their product range which should be checked out if you are in search for that perfect pair of casual shoes be it for your everyday routine use or down time and hanging out with your friends; the brand boasts of the top notch quality in terms of quality, style, comfort and durability. The brand is already gaining tremendous momentum of popularity amongst the younger crowd. Another brand which manufactures trendy, fashionable shoes and that also at affordable prices for the masses in Chinese Laundry; the brand has been in business since 1982 and has quite an insight on what the consumers want from a pair of shoes at the same time keeping pace with the ever changing global trends and the preferences of their target market.


The brand of Aerosoles has, in recent times, been turning up the heat to say the least. Although one would most definitely would not have expected to find a brand that is largely associated with durability and comfort in the league of fashionable and trendy footwear, Aerosole has manged to break that myth. Currently the brand, with their all new and hip range of shoes in quite an amount colors is proving to becoming one of the hot favorites amongst the ladies.

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Adidas is, has been for a long time and most probably will remain in the coming times the most favorite, preferred and coveted brand amongst the consumers who regularly purchase a pair of sneakers. A few brands have managed to beat Adidas in the forte of cool. The brand which caters to men as well as women makes sure their products are in well alignment with the brand image. Their vast array of sneakers boast numerous retro styles at the same time providing you with the option of going for the latest and fashion forward looks as well.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/15/2012
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The Most Popular Brand Of Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.