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About Rocket Shoes

Published at 03/15/2012 21:37:29


Rocket shoes is a blog site with a variety of topics under debate. Like all blog sites, issues of varying nature are discussed and debated and people from all around the world are welcome to talk and express their views no matter where they are from or what race or ethnicity they belong too. The site has a variety of topics to blog about and these topics are called rockets. You can join the site and start to blog, it is fairly easy and at the top of the site, there is a simple procedure to follow about joining it. He site is very young and hip and appeals to the youth and newer generation of today. The site also has a variety of mixed tapes that are intended to be humorous and are posted by the owner of the site. The site is free and open for all.


Rocket shoes is Drew Hoolhorst personified. Drew Hoolhurst is a Caucasian citizen of the United States of America and is from the state of California. He works for an ad agency as a copy writer and loves music, which explains the large volume of mix tapes posted on the site. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the year 2004. His blog is by the name of rocket shoes and it is a place where he posts topics or writes things that people who follow his blogs comment on. The topics are normally humorous and range widely but are mostly about terms that young Americans use frequently. Rocket shoes is not so popular on certain social networks but on certain search engines if you look for it, it comes back in the first few results.


Blogs provide a fresh insight into the opinions of today’s children and are a good way of expressing yourself. Blogs allow productive use of time as well as a modern way to get your message across. Blogs are in a way the magazines of the new era allowing anyone and everyone to write about their opinion instead of one author followe4d by a series of letters sent to the editor of the magazine in case you had an objection. Blogs are young, fresh and hip and rocket shoes is a good initiative. Blogs provide you with a necessary platform to openly express your self, with the option of also being anonymous. There should be more sites like rocket shoes.

Tips and comments

Today’s world is very fast paced with everyone working like a machine and no sense of time. In such a scenario, people often don’t even have the time to feel and so leave their emotions bottled up inside them until they find a chance to vent them out. Needless to say this is nor healthy nor recommended. Thus in such a situation, blog sites can offer you the ventilation your emotions need and you can easily go online and let your feelings out and it is known that writing is a great way to shed feelings you have bottled up inside.