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What You Should Know About Infants Shoes


Babies need a lot of care from birth through their childhood. Shoes are thus important aspects for your kid and their healthy growth. They offer protection for the baby and make them look descent. These are the two main purposes of infants shoes, style and protection.


Shoes are now basic footwear for individuals. The earliest shoes in history were the sandals made during the 7000 BC. These were made of a single portion of a cow’s hide. The laces were introduced as leather cords both at the back and front to cover the shape of a human foot. Over the years, new shoe developments have been realized. They are made from several materials rather than leather. With this evolution, infants shoes came into rise to cater for young children once they attain the walking age.


The very first thing to know about infants shoes is their purpose. These shoes are basically meant for the protection and safety of your baby. In most cases, parents have shoes on their babies at a very tender age. This is to move with fashion but the shoe is only applicable when the baby starts walking.

The other thing about infants shoes is being informed of the right time to buy them. As said earlier, baby shoes are mostly required when the child starts to walk. The recommended ages are between 12 and 15 months. Before this age, socks serve better to keep the baby’s feet warm. The infants shoes should also be implemented when the baby walks outside. As the baby learns walking, they are supposed to be bare footed. This provides them with balance required from the toes.

Walking on barefoot is a healthy measure for babies. This is medically proven as that allows the baby to have a touch experience on various surfaces. Therefore, even after introducing infants shoes, you should make sure the baby is barefoot when they practice to walk.

Safety is the greatest factor for any infants shoes should offer. There are safety features that you should look for when buying shoes for your baby. The shoes should offer comfort and flexibility to your kid. This will allow babies learn to balance themselves by feet. When the shoe is very rigid, then it hinders the muscle development. This prevents the baby from moving thus being a bad choice. Many companies employ flexibility with infants shoes, thus serving you with the best choices in the market.

The other thing to know about infants shoes is the size. The best shoe for your baby is the one presenting proper fit. Shoes that do not fit the baby’s feet properly might cause feet deformities. This can also give rise to other problems like hammertoes, bunionettes and corns among other problems. These problems could call for surgical costs in the future of your baby.

Tips and comments

The general things to know about infants shoes include safety features, the best time to buy them and proper fitting shoes. All the shoe should provide is safety and sometimes style is considered. The cost of a baby’s shoe is not much applicable as the shoe is meant for simple purposes. Therefore, make sure you select the best shoe for your baby that goes in line with these factors.

By SAMUEL MUHIA, published at 03/15/2012
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What You Should Know About Infants Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.