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How To Pair Clothes And Shoes Together


Women nowadays become fanatics of shoes. Some even have more pairs of shoes than the number of clothes they have in their wardrobe. When the latest style of shoes comes out, they grab a pair. But the problem is they don’t know how to blend clothes and shoes together. Well, no need to worry. After reading these fashion tips, you will surely love to buy more pairs of shoes with even different colors.

Step 1

Do not be afraid to show off your own style. Do not limit yourself to the usual clothes and shoes that you have.

Step 2

Do not be afraid to play with colors. If you have a pair of red shoes, it can be matched together with clothes of bright colors. Red actually acts as a neutral color as it tones down the bright colored outfit that you have. Just pick the shoes that are deep dark red in shade. And if you are afraid to be in yellow shoes, then that is not supposedly what you should think. Yellow is more versatile than what you can imagine. It even looks great if paired with a purple dress. Shoes in olive shade then look better with orange and black clothes. While purple is still the same color that goes well with other colors.

Step 3

A pink dress looks great if it is worn with a pair of purple shoes. Pink shoes on the other hand are the most feminine and also the safest color to mix-n-match with others. But it could also make your outfit dull if you don’t know how to use it. So get your pink shoes and don’t be afraid to match it with a blue top. While a teal shoes are the perfect pair for clothes with the right contrast of color. Match it with your red satin skirt and you’re on the go to the catwalk. But mixing clothes and shoes together doesn’t only rely on colors.

Step 4

You should also put the patterns and textures of the shoes into consideration. Leopard printed shoes are better paired with green and brown clothes. Shoes with a snake pattern are also the most sophisticated to wear. Just combine it with the same shades of color. Metallic shoes then are more glamorous to look at. But the color of clothes should depend on the type of metallic shoes you have. If you have a pair of metallic gold, then wear with a teal top. But if you prefer the silver one, just pair it with a simple pink blouse. Bronze metallic shoes then go well with an orange upper.

Step 5

The style of the shoes also has something to say with your outfit. Pointed shoes make you look more long-legged. While ballet flats are the most comfortable ones. If you don’t want your feet to be stressed, then grab a pair of these flats. And of course who doesn’t have sneakers. No matter how sassy your style is, you still need to have a pair of sneakers. It is best when you want to be on the go for an outdoor activity. And now, try to mix your clothes and shoes together.


The bottom line is, mixing shoes and clothes together shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Just have fun and play with the different colors and showcase your creativity with your own style. The important thing is you know how to carry yourself.

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