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Published at 03/18/2012 21:40:29


Fashion is important to many people and, although we think of trends and what is popular to wear when we think of fashion, it can also represent individuality and sometimes, the more different you are, the more fashionable you are considered. Many top styles and trends today came about because someone dared to try them out for the first time and others followed. Hairstyles, clothing styles accessory styles and even shoe style change all the time and begin with someone daring to be different. Shoes, in particular, change quite a bit and there are literally hundreds of different styles out there and they come in every color imaginable. People who like to stay with mainstream trends tend to wear neutral and time-tested styles and colors such as black, red, white, beige and brown. Although, these colors do tend to match most outfits, the other colors can also be fashionable and matched with various outfits to either match or contrast with an outfit. Yellow shoes, in particular, are quite popular in the spring and summer months and below are some tips on how to find yellow shoes.

Step 1

Before you go out searching for a pair of yellow shoes, have a look in your closet at the clothes you have. You don’t want to get a shade of yellow or style of shoe that does not do with any of your outfits. There are many shades of yellow from the very subtle to the very bold and it is a good idea to have an idea what you want before you go shopping to prevent any impulse buys.

Step 2

Look in the yellow pages or on the internet for stores near you. A large city will have many stores all over the place and not just at the mall. A small town usually has at least a small mall but there may be other not-so-well-known stores tucked away in places you never thought of. It is best to check boutique shops for yello0w shoes before the mall because that is where you will find the most unique items and although, the prices do tend to be higher than at the mall, when there are sales, they tend to be pretty good.

Step 3

Shop for yellow shoes in thrift stores. There is where you will find the items that no one else around you will have. Most of the things you find will be used but it is possible to find items with the original store tags on them for a much lower price than you would pay at the original store.

Step 4

Catalogs are also a great way to shop for yellow shoes. There are hundreds of catalogs out there and most of them can be accessed online.

Step 5

Try searching on online websites such as Ebay for yellow shoes. There are many great deals on unique items you cannot find anywhere else.


Yellow shoes are becoming quite popular today and can be worn with many things.  The best thing about them is they are different and add a zest to any outfit. 

Sources and Citations

The cost, of course, will depend on where you buy them and what brand you buy but you can a pair for very cheap if you you know where to look and what you are looking for.


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