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Women's obsession with shoes is understandable and not at all overrated. The shoes act as the silent contributor that can totally turn around the image the outfit initially imposes. A splendid shoe will be the one that assures the protection of the feet and provides a luxurious look as well. Fashionistas want variety. The dress, the handbag, accessories and jewelry, the shoes - they all must match and create an impression. A pair of heels will certainly not do when you are going for a hike nor your sneakers will look fetching with your evening dress. Thus, it is necessary to keep filling your wardrobes with different types of shoes. L.K Bennett shoes offer an extensive variety of exclusive shoes to choose from. Bennett shoes can make your whole attire look gorgeous and dashing.


L.K Bennett is an English fashion brand that designs clothes, shoes, accessories and various other fashion products. It was founded by Linda Kristin Bennett who is an English fashion designer from Iceland. She opened a women's footwear shop in Wimbledon Village aiming to sell unique and exquisite footwear. Her natural flair for fashion earned her the nickname 'Queen of the Kitten Heel'. Her shop was an instant hit among the women. Bennett decided to expand her business internationally and currently owns around 137 stores.


Bennett shoes are not only to be worn but to be gazed at in admiration. Pumps, slingbacks, sandals, boots, wedge heels - the selection is unlimited. Bennett Bella Pumps, available in a suave rose snake color, has a touch of elegance and sophistication. The pointed heels and narrow closed toes bring out the curves of legs perfectly. Maddox Wedge pumps give out the air of glamour and allurement. Appealing, snug and cozy, they are splendid for every good outfit you have. The sledge pumps are a temptation that no woman can resist. Glossy and black, they are ones to wear with your little black dress. Poppy flats are lustrous and eye catching shoes. They have an elasticized heels that fit snugly to you feet. Put them on with your Capri pants, leggings or skirts and get a chance to look vividly cute. Bennett shoes slingbacks flow with flirtatiousness, are contemporary and make a superb choice for a formal event. They can be bought in several designs and colors like an intense red slingback topped with a bow. Bennett Sail T-strap sandals come in a smooth rosy colors with adjustable straps and high pointed heels. They will go superb with a long fancy dress. Bennett boots are sexy, ladylike with an alluring air about them. Classic knee length boots are available in black and nude colors and are a great choice for winter and fall. The wedge lace-up boots are full of spunk and look very trendy.

Tips and comments

Buy Bennett shoes online or take a trip to the stores to try them out and buy. A little expensive, but worth the money spent, Bennett shoes make an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The sizes, patterns and designs are limitless. With Bennett shoes, get styled in a unique way. Pick them up in your favorite colors, put on your lucky dress, a touch of light make up, a flattering smile and be ready to have an awesome time.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/18/2012
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