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Benefits Of Wearing Shoes With Gel Inserts

Published at 03/17/2012 18:57:00


Gel shoes inserts are orthotics that can aid a lot of foot and heel problems and provide stability and cushioning.

Sportsmen or people who perform job which require them to stand or walk long hours generally suffer from foot problems such as over pronation. Foot pronation generally caused by arch problems or chronically wrong running or walking mechanisms. This can manifest itself as aching, burning, blisters or hurting that occurs while standing or walking for prolonged durations.


Sportsmen also sometimes suffer from an inflammatory heal condition called the Plantar fasciitis, which also occurs due to regular wrong running. Gel heel cups cushion and raise the heel slightly and thus reduce pressure on the plantar fascia and reduce the probability of the occurrence of plantar fasciitis.

Another common problem with people who have to wear closed footwear in their regular jobs in that the feet rub against the shoe, this causes blisters, shoe gel inserts can help avoid this problem. As gel inserts are visco-elastic in nature it does not make the shoe to be tighter than required.Another interesting point to note is they are absorbing, comfortable and can be used in many high impact activities.

Another cause for foot pain is Metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of the foot or the areas just before the toes. This pain is sometimes isolated near the big toe as well.Shoes gel inserts also distribute the pressure across the feet and thus reduce the stress targeting at one place like heel or ball. They also hold the foot and toes in their natural position and reduce pressure.


Shoe gel inserts are widely used to reduce over-pronation. These inserts provide support and the arch thus reducing pain in the ball of the foot.

Shoe gel inserts are a product of medical research and are widely accepted by the orthopaedic community. Medical research has also proven that Foot orthotics such as shoe gel inserts improves the structural integrity of the ligaments around the ankle thus reducing the susceptibility to fracture during minor injuries.

It is generally noticed that continuous foot pain in the long run leads to secondary pain in areas like ankles, hips and lower back. Gel heel cups balance the heel and thus improve posture thus avoiding unwanted pressure in these areas.
Shoes gel inserts can also help people with flat feet. Flat feel is a common biomechanical problem. The absence of a proper arch leads to reduced support. People with flat foot do not have proper alignment of the body. Due to this the person is prone to inflammation and even walking for a long time can cause stress and lot of fatigue. Shoes gel inserts provide that extra support, balance and help align the body correctly, this aiding them to take on standing or walking for long durations. It gives relief to sore feet.

Tips and comments

Shoes gel inserts are not only recommended as a corrective action for much foot pain but also as a preventive action to avoid over pronation.