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How To Dye Wedding Shoes Blue


In weddings, women get more attention of the viewers by their apparel, footwear and ornaments. All these things increase beauty of the ladies. If you desire for blue shoes for some wedding parties, then you can dye your shoes according to your own design and demands. It is too simpler process that needs just step by step procedure. Recently this wonderful technique has earned huge fame as well as wonderful response from women. For dying your shoes according to your wedding dress can be learnt by some relevant websites, where complete procedure is available.

If you have decided blue shoes for upcoming wedding party, then for this purpose you need of some necessary things, which completely make your demand easier. Before dying any shoes, you have to select some fiber products, as they can accept particles of colors quite nicely. That is why; most of the women choose light and softer shoes for dying them. If you select shoes with matching of your dress, then it will give you more beauty and attention of men. For dying shoes in blue color, you have to do following things.

Step 1

Selection of Design and Product for blue shoes:-

An attractive design as well as softer pair of shoes will get more beauty after dying. That is why; for blue shoes you need of some latest design that carries great look and small front. Usually selection of shoes with compare to wedding dress is little bit complicated that should be carried out with some experience and massive care. For this purpose, you can get online assistance that is available for the whole process. It is more convenient for women.

Step 2

Mix up Colors and Detergents:-

After selection of required pair of shoes, now you have to prepare some mixture of color with useful detergents. Actually for blue shoes, you have need of some extra things, which keep colors coherent and shiny throughout the process as well as after completion the procedure. After mixing up all ingredients, now you should clean up shoes, so that no dust remains on the upper or face end of shoes.

Step 3

Use Color Sequences:-

Mixed colors must be used in some sequences and in exact ratios. If you use colors randomly, then shine of shoes will become dull or tricky. So for accurate blue shoes, it is necessary to apply shiny colors with suitable ratios of other detergents. For dying shoes, you should use softer brush or piece of cloth that can suck thin color and it does not leave any odd spot on design of shoes.

Step 4

Clean up Irregular Patches:-

During the process of blue shoes, there will be some additional spot on the shoes. So for accurate work, you need some cleaning liquid for removal of these dark patches from the shoes. In this way, you can give a wonderful shape to your shoes for wedding parties.

Step 5

Dry Shoes after Dying:-

After completing all above steps, now you should dry blue shoes in some light air or in sunshine. But it should be remembered that shoes would not be kept in sharp sunshine for a long time. In this way, you will dye shoes for wedding parties.



By Ignat Victor, published at 03/20/2012
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