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How To Find Shoes in a Size 11

Published at 03/21/2012 23:36:55


 Thanks to that fact, not all stores stock shoes in that size. Many shoe vendors view them as slow moving items. They view them as the sorts of items that would tend to tie up their capital. So they don’t stock them. That, however, doesn’t mean that you can find size 11 shoes, if you are really keen on buying them. We venture to look at some of the steps you need to take, in order to find such shoes:-

Step 1

Consider shopping in stores that specialize in the sale of clothing items for ‘huge’ people

It emerges that there are stores which specialize in the sale of clothing items and clothing accessories for the ‘bigger’ people. Wearers of size 11 shoes are considered to be in that category of people This means that the stores which specialize in the sale of clothing items and clothing accessories for ‘big and large’ people would be ideal places to head, when in search of these sorts of shoes. There is one good thing with these types of stores as shopping venues for plus size shoes. That is in the fact that in such stores, size 11 (and other plus size) shoes are typically the main items on sale. On the other hand, in ordinary clothing stores, such shoes are likely to be peripheral products – if at all they happen to be on stock.

Step 2

Make enquiries to sales assistants on size 11 shoes

This would apply if you are opt to go shopping for the plus size shoes in a brick and mortar store. The idea would be to figure out, from the assistants, whether the stores have such plus size shoes on stock, and if so, where exactly in the (typically expansive) stores you are likely to find the shoes. Making these sorts of enquiries can save you from the trouble of having to undertake a long, futile search.

Step 3

Consider taking your search online

There are online stores which specialize in the sale of plus size clothing items and clothing accessories (like the size 11 shoes in question here). You may consider taking your search there, especially if you are not having much success at getting the varieties of plus size shoes you are looking for in brick and mortar shoe stores.

Step 4

If you are buying online, filter by shoe size

Many of the online shoe stores have this functionality where you, as a shopper, can opt to refine you search using filters. This is where, for instance, you filter using size, color, brand name… and so on. In this case, you’d filter by size, and specify that you need size 11 shoes. You’d then be given access to all the shoes which meet that search criterion (that is, all size 11 shoes), from where you can make a selection, pay for the shoes, and have the vendor organize for their shipment to you.

Step 5

Be sure to buy from stores with friendly returns policies

These plus size shoes tend to have many ‘issues.’ That is where you may buy them, only to find that they don’t fit, or that they have some other obvious defects. Against that sort of background, it makes sense to ensure that you only buy the size 11 shoes from vendors with friendly returns policies. That way, you can return the shoes with ease in case they happen to be problematic.


Not many people wear size 11 shoes because they are hard to find.