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How To Size Mens Shoes

Published at 03/21/2012 23:50:56


 Majority of shoe vendors a provision for buyers to return shoes they buy from them within a given duration of time, if the shoes are either too large or too small, for replacements. The objective in trying to size mens shoes (newly bought ones), then, would be to establish whether they are either too larger or too small, and have them replaced if either case is true.

We now proceed to examine some of the steps you need to follow in your attempt to size mens shoes:-

Step 1

Prepare the surface where you’ll be sizing the shoes

This is about, for instance, laying a piece of cloth or some polythene sheet or some other similar material on the floor. This way, the shoes are not dirtied in the sizing process. And that ensures that the vendors wouldn’t have difficulties accepting them back, should they fail the sizing tests. You may also consider wearing some protective clothing (for instance, clean socks) on your feet as you try to size mens shoes.

The idea is to protect the shoes as far as possible, so that they still look new and unused, and so that the vendor would have an easy time reselling them to someone else, in case they prove totally unsuitable for you.

Step 2

Try to check how easily the feet slip into the shoes when you are looking at mens size shoes

This is the first and most straightforward of the tests you’ll need to carry out, in your attempt to size mens shoes. Ideally, the shoes should offer some resistance (but not too much of it) to the slippage of feet into them. If they offer absolutely no resistance (and they are not open shoes), chances would be that they are too large. On the other hand, if they offer too much resistance, meaning that the feet have to be wiggled into the shoes, chances would be that the shoes are too small.

Step 3

Try to check how comfortable the shoes feel in static mode

This is something you get to do once you manage to slip your feet into the shoes. Your most helpful tool here is the big toe. You pay attention to the sensations on the big toe: whether the big toe feels uncomfortably pressured (or totally unpressured) by the shoes. Ideally, the big toe should neither be uncomfortably pressured, nor totally unpressured. If the big toe is uncomfortably pressured, the indication would be that the shoe is too small. And if the big toe is totally unpressured (meaning that you can even ‘feel’ the shoe) chances would be that the shoe is too small.

Step 4

Check how comfortable the shoes feel while in motion

If the shoes feel reasonably comfortable in static mode, you should now try walking a few steps in them, to see how comfortable they feel in motion. This is an important step as you try to size mens shoes, keeping in mind the fact that, in all probability, you’ll be mostly be using the shoes while in motion.

Step 5

Take the material used in making shoes into consideration for mens size shoes

This is an important consideration as you try to size mens shoes simply because some materials used to make shoes are known to shrink with time, even as others are known to actually expand with time. Thus, if a pair of shoes already feels cramped, and the shoes are made out of a material which is only known to shrink with time, the situation can only get worse. Similarly, if the shoes are already feeling too big, and they are made out of a material which is only known to expand with time, the situation can only get worse with time.


As you venture to size mens shoes, you are likely to have one objective: to ensure that the shoes are comfortable to wear (in terms of their size). In other words, you are likely to be keen on seeing to it that the shoes are neither too large nor too small for your feet.