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How To Match a Jacket And Shoes

Published at 03/21/2012 23:34:40


Getting the right jacket shoes match isn’t always easy. It can be tricky, even when one is looking at shoes and jackets bearing single colors. It gets trickier when we happen to have multi-colored shoes and jackets. Yet one way or the other, one has to get this match right. Failure to get it right can, in the best case scenario, lead to one being perceived as being a person with a poor taste. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to one being perceived as a person lacking proper personal grooming skills – which can lead to loss of opportunities in some settings.

Clearly then, getting the right jacket shoes match isn’t a frivolous affair. We now venture to look at some of the rules that may be useful in this endeavor:-

Step 1

In multi-colored scenarios, be guided by the ‘main colors’

You may have one of those multi-colored jackets and/or multi-colored pairs of shoes. In that scenario, you may find yourself at a loss as to what exactly to base your ‘matching scheme’ on. And while different fashion authorities seem to have different views on this, the commonest view is the one to the effect that you should be guided by the ‘main colors.’ That is the view we too endorse.

Although a jacket may have several colors, chances are that there’d be one that occupies most of the jacket’s surface area. Similarly, although a shoe may have several colors, chances are that there’d be one that occupies most of the shoe’s surface area. This would be the most visible color, and this should be the color you take into consideration when trying to get the right match of shoes and jackets. Where all the colors seem to occupy equal surface areas (and this is very rare), you’d have to go with the color that dominates the others – the color that actually stands out. You’d use that as your guide in trying to figure out the right jacket shoes match.


Step 2

Reject perfectionism

In other words, your shoes don’t have to match perfectly with your jacket (as in being of exactly the same color). If you have a dark grey jacket, black shoes would still be considered a ‘good match.’ If, as a lady, you have a pink jacket, maroon shoes would still be considered a ‘good match.’ The idea is simply to go colors that are somewhat close. The fact that things should match doesn’t, by any stretch, mean that they should be exactly similar!

Step 3

Buy your jackets with your shoes in mind, and vice versa

Many of the challenges people have getting the right jacket shoes matches are brought about by the purchase of either types of clothing items ‘mindlessly.’ It helps when, for instance, buying a jacket, to keep in mind the color of the shoes you’ll be matching that jacket with (or to buy, alongside the jacket, a matching pair of shoes). If you use this approach consistently, you’ll never find yourself having challenges getting the right matches.

Step 4

Keep the general clothing style in mind all along

We have seen cases where, for instance, in a bid to ‘match’ things properly, some folks end up wearing formal jackets with casual (but matching) shoes and vice versa. They end up looking very comical. You can do better. It is actually better to wear mismatching shoes and jackets, than to mix up dressing styles. The fashion sin of failing to get the right jacket shoes match is not as big as the sin of mixing up dressing styles.

Step 5

Ask for honest reviews

If you live with someone, it is always important to ask them for honest appraisals of your ‘look’ once you dress up in a certain style. Their views are likely to be representative of how others ‘out there’ are likely to view you. Through these reviews, you can tell whether you have actually gotten your jacket shoes match right or not. But you need to make the reviewers at ease to critique your style ruthlessly. If you don’t, they are just likely to flatter you (by telling you that ‘you look awesome’) so as to simply make you feel nice -- without actually helping you.


Thankfully, most classic shoes and jackets are monochrome, meaning that the number of people who find themselves having to tackle this particular challenge of getting the right jacket shoes match in a multi-color setting is relatively small.