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Popular Styles Of Shoes With a Strap


Shoes with strap have been in style for as long as we can possibly remember. As we see our daily set of paparazzi scoops on who is wearing what, we find a large amount of our fashion idols endorsing a pair of gorgeous of shoes with strap that is just the next thing we want to get hold of. From a large variety of styles in shoes with strap in the world of today, you are surely to get entangled with its endless options. As a result, we are going to sort out some of the most popular styles for you to keep you updated with what is hot and what is not. As a result, you can now flaunt your sexy style much more confidently as you carry style that is so hip that everyone wants to follow you.


Making a remarkable history of shoes with strap enclosures since the much modern era of the history of footwear, shoes with straps are the invention of the modern day where style is more important than comfort. Regardless of the laces and the tying methods of the shoes, the trend of buckles and straps spread much more quickly among the world than any other. The very first one being placed on the ankle was an addition to the shoe in its style and well its grip. During the twenty first century, the boom of strappy shoes began, leaving a mark on every man and woman’s heart till then up till today when a bundle of new styles are being introduced every day but still they are stuck with the addition of a strap in it.


To find out the latest and the most popular pair of shoes with strap that you must have in your closet, the following guide will unlock all of these great types. Beginning from the very basic ankle strap, this type has been the first and the most popular type out of all which is still high in demand. This style of strap is a classic as it never goes out of style and one can wear normal sandals, heels and even formal shoes with these ankle straps that give a very feminine look. Another sultry yet sophisticated type is the T strap that can be seen incorporated in all types of shoes now a days from wedges to platform heels and flat sandals. Moreover, the monk strap has always been there mostly in men’s shoes which is now impossible to get rid of. Sling backs are also a good option especially if you have a wedding to go to or a prom night as they look absolutely elegant with formal attire. Last but not the least, after all the hot styles, a typical Mary Jane strap also needs to be paid heed to as this is our perfect companion when we require absolute comfort in our footwear.

Tips and comments

If you are too eager to wait no more and get your butt in the stores right away to get hold of your desired shoes with strap, you may want to read a bit further to know just a few key points about straps for a better buy. For starters, always look closely at the buckle of the chosen shoe if it has any patches on it and if it is perfectly scratch less or no. Also, some stores may also give you a separate polish to maintain the shine of the buckle.

By Amara, published at 03/19/2012
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