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Features Of Gladiator-Style Shoes


Being a symbol of the Egyptian culture, gladiator shoes in the world of today have evolved in every shape of footwear that has ever been discovered. From flat tie ups to the addition of buckles and straps, the era of gladiator shoes has been totally taken by a storm. Having its peak time in the market since the year 2004, the trend has absolutely hooked on to the hearts and minds of the world which is not letting them go out of style. Instead, new modifications, additions and ornamentations are being added to them while still keeping its originality intact. For more details, a guide is presented to you to know more about the features of a typical gladiator style shoe.


When referring to the beginning of gladiator shoes, we notice that from the first pair of shoes that was ever made, a gladiator shoe was a much complex design at that time. As the initial footwear considered of a piece of leather or animal skin tied around the foot with the help of strings made of animal hair or plants. As for gladiators, the first tribe that is remembered wearing this type of shoes is the Egyptian tribe that came up with much of the world’s most greatest things, gladiators being one of them. Since shoes were more of a luxury at the time, not all people could afford to wear them and only the elite wore them.


To know about the features of a pair of gladiator shoes, we look at the basic components of this shoe type in order to style its features. Typically, a gladiator shoe comes in a completely flat sole, laying your foot straight parallel to the ground but, these shoes now also come in platforms, heels high or small and even wedges. The strappy nature of a gladiator is made by adding parallel stripes along a straight line in the middle that joins the starting and ending points of the shoe. It is mostly made out of leather and is kept open toed. Closures of a gladiator shoe vary from one design to another as some comprise of a buckle, strap and lacing while others require a bow tie opening. The length of a gladiator is also one its features that begins from the ankle length and goes up to a mid calf length as well as the knee high length.

Tips and comments

When looking for the perfect pair of gladiator shoes, always keep in mind to try them on first before just going for them as comfort should be the prime feature that you need to concerned about. Moreover, those gladiators with straps, you must also try and walk around with them for a while to know if the strap is soft enough to keep your ankle from any scraping as sometimes even the quality shoes leave marks of these scraps of skin for a long time. Furthermore, check your shoe size closely when trying a gladiator shoe on as it is mostly an open toed shoe which makes your foot slip towards the front, resulting in a shoe size smaller than your normal size.

By Amara, published at 03/18/2012
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