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The Best Type Of Shoes For Rain


The rainy season can be rather depressing, and it is also the time when people wonder what to wear to stay comfortable, dry and stylish at the same time. In the rains, don't be afraid to wear bright colours – a nice splash of colour can be cheery on a rainy day. This article will talk about rain shoes, that is, footwear you can put on in the rain.


Though you might already know this, because of a bad experience or because you were warned beforehand, rain shoes must not be made of suede (for that matter, leave suede handbags at home too, when it rains). They should instead be made of some water-proof material, such as leather that has been processed to withstand rain or rubber.

Leather shoes need special care during the rains. You should polish them – with wax polish, as it is a water-repellent, and apply a layer of olive oil on them to discourage the growth of fungus. You can also coat your shoes with castor oil to make them water-proof.

When buying rain shoes, make sure you test the pair and see that it has a good grip on the ground. Why? - Because the rains are a time when you need a pair of shoes that have a nice, groovy sole that won't let you slip.

Rain shoes in the form of boots are definitely 'in' these days. The good thing about them is that they come in so many styles! You can easily find rain shoes in your size, and they can be both formal, or absolutely fun. They are functional and a must have for the rains, and you do not have to sacrifice on style to wear them, as they come in quirky patterns and designs these days. For those who are more conservative in how they dress, you can also find rain shoes that come in traditional colours and styles.


Sandals are a good idea when it comes to rain shoes, but only if they are the open variety (again, no suede sandals!). This is because they are comfortable, and in case they do get wet, they will dry soon. This saves your feet from being in an uncomfortable, thoroughly irritating wet shoe. Flip-flops are okay as rain shoes, but they tend to come off in the rain, so be careful!

Canvas shoes make good rain shoes as well, as they are thin and light, and have a good grip. If they get wet, just be sure to clean them with vinegar and then let them alone till they are dry.

Finally, rain shoes must not be placed into cupboards as soon as you take them off. Leave them in a dry, open space instead. Placing a saucer with baking soda in it close to your shoes will help absorb the bad odours, if any.

Tips and comments

In the rain, shoes tend to get very wet sometimes, especially if you have to walk through an area clogged with water. You should stuff them with rolled up paper, which will absorb the water. Change the paper stuffing every few hours, depending on how wet the shoes are.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/19/2012
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