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Should Socks Be Worn With Shoes?


Shoes and socks are worn in most parts of the world to keep the feet warm in harsh cold weather; they are also worn in many other parts to keep the feet from smelling. Sweat and dirt can make the shoes and feet smell because of bacteria and fungi, but shoes worn with socks prevent bad odor as the socks can be washed regularly. Applying some powder in the socks before wearing them helps keep the feet dry and prevent bacteria from growing.

Shoes are also worn with socks to give the feet more comfort and keep the shoes clean and protect from wear and tear. Socks also safeguard the feet from getting blisters and protects the skin. Most people avoid wearing socks when in a hurry or cannot find a matching pair.


Socks shoes absorbs the sweat and these days the market is flooded with socks with numerous materials that absorb sweat easily, and keep the feet dry at all times. The socks are made to the finest materials and prevent chafing of the feet. Socks made of cotton or wool are the best to absorb sweat and keep the feet dry. The synthetic ones are not very effective and in fact can make your feet stink and can cause foot problems.

Dress shoes socks have to be worn with dresses, sports socks, generally white in color are perfect for all kinds of sport activities and gym. There are different socks shoes lengths and it is important to wear the right length socks for different wear. For some dresses, an elegant knee sock will look good, and for others, wearing ankle length socks or socks that are mid calf length socks is ideal.

If you want a sober look, then black, grey, blue are perfect, but if you are in for a more flamboyant look, you can get one to match your mood. If you do not know about socks or what to wear with which dress then the best place to know is the internet. There are numerous well-written articles that will help you find the right kind of socks and color for formal wear, for informal wear, etc. No matter how well dressed one is if the shoes socks worn is not of the right material or of the right color and right length it can be a total turn off.


The right pair of socks shoes will tell how sophisticated and fashionable a person is. The half socks or clog socks cover the toes and the front part of the feet and are perfect when worn with slip-on shoes and open toe shoes. The footie socks cover just the feet and do not go past the heels, and ankle socks go past the ankles. The other types of socks are mid calf socks, knee length socks, thigh socks, tights, etc.

Socks and shoes are found in range of colors and in intricate designs and patterns, and are highly attractive. These extremely good-looking designer socks are perfect accessories that will complement even the most stylish outfits.

Tips and comments

Socks should be worn with shoes not only for comfort, hygiene and to protect the feet from blisters and chafing, but also to make a fashion statement.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/21/2012
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