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About the Taryn Rose Brand Of Shoes


Taryn Rose is a brand of shoes which is named after the lady who founded them. She is a Vietnamese refugee who came to the United States of America at the young age of eight years. Her father was a physician and therefore at that time her dream was to be a physician just like her father. She got her medical degree at USC and then devoted a lot of time in orthopedic training. But, there came the time when Taryn Rose had to apply for the post-residential fellowships. The funny thing is that she realized this time that her heart was not into that profession she had trained for. Her conviction wanted her to follow her dreams and she did not want to regret not making that decision later in life and end up with regrets.


She had great passion for shoes. This love for shoes developed when she used to go to look at shoes as a matter of relaxing after long the hours she was in class during her residential training. Sometimes she went to Neiman Marcus for her retail therapy. All she wanted to know is what would happen in the event that she came up with a shoe that stands up to the work she did in a single day. She hoped to design a stylish shoe which could most likely be a high-heel that will not hurt the feet. But there was fear in her which was hindering her from taking a step towards her dream.


She eventually managed to overcome her fear. With the help of her friend who knew people back in Italy who were in the shoe business, she travelled back to Milan in an endeavor to find out how to make shoes. During that time, she spoke to women in Neiman Marcus to find out what they wanted in a shoe. Her realization was that the most popular shoes that covered a large segment of the population were the baby boomers. After that she was able to acquire a loan of $200,000 from a small business administration which she intended to start the business with, but to her dismay she was told that she will need $10 million so that she can be able to start a new brand. She did not have that kind of money.

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Magazines were really interested in her story after she showed the samples of her shoes to quite a number of upscale shoe stores. And in that manner, she got the money to start the business. Though she got many frustrations when she started, Taryn Rose did not give up. She put a lot dedication in her dream shoe line and the amazing thing is that you can find the Taryn Rose shoes in approximately 220 stores all over the world now. In the USA alone, there are four of her boutiques and there is one she owns in Paris. The Taryn Rose shoes are considerably cheap. You can get them for as low as $200 to $400. Another thing to reckon with the Taryn Rose Shoes is that they are stylish, comfortable and extremely gorgeous.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/21/2012
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