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How To Buy Patent Leather Shoes


Although it may not be ethical to buy or use leather products, there is no denying the fact that leather shoes offer a quality and look that you cannot achieve with other shoes made from other materials. Leather shoes are expensive but can last for a while if you take good care of them. Real leather shoes also promote proper circulation of air. This will prevent your feet from sweating and swelling. However, leather shoes are difficult to maintain in winters. Any water exposure can spoil them. You should never wear a wet leather shoe. You can buy patent leather shoes via different ways.

Step 1

Patent leather is a form of leather that is polished with products such as linseed oil to get a shiny, glossy look. Shoes made from patent leather were first invented in Europe during the 18th century.

Step 2

Since then shoes patent have become extremely popular in the upper classes of the society as they represented a neat and professional look. shoes patentcan be a great addition to your otherwise dull wardrobe.

Step 3

The kind of shoes patent depends on your comfort as well as your personality. They can be flat, low-heel, mid-heel or high-heel. You may choose flat shoes if you have any medical condition that prevents you from wearing heels or if your partner is very short. A high heel will also give a towering personality. Make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.

Step 4

Shoes patent are predominantly available in brown and black. These are great neutrals that would go with almost any kind of dress. In fact, the great feature of shoes patentis thatyou can dress them up or simplify the look by changing the type of clothes you wear. The shoes patentlook great with formal as well as casual attire and are great for work and evening wear.

Step 5

The shape of your shoes patentwill also help you choose the right shoe. Shoes with pointed ends usually have a more formal look compared to those with a round end. The size of the shoe is also important. If you have wider feet, you may benefit by going up one size. This will provide you extra comfort.


The most important factor in buying a shoes patent is your comfort. Do not go for a pointed end shoe if you have wide legs. This will squish your fingers, especially if you plan to wear the shoe for long hours. You may find the shoes highly uncomfortable at that point. Make sure the shoe has a good inner lining. Most patent leather shoes have a cloth lining on the inner side. You should understand that this material would actually be in contact with your skin every time you wear it. Hence, make sure it suits you.

Like any leather shoe, there is no single patent leather shoe that would suit everyone. A lot depends on individual style and preference. Other factors including comfort and medical conditions may also play a role in determining the kind of patent leather shoe that would work for you. 

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/24/2012
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