Where To Buy Mary Jane Shoes
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Where To Buy Mary Jane Shoes

Published at 03/22/2012 02:56:05


Where To Buy Mary Jane Shoes

Very few designs of shoes have managed to survive in the industry of footwear, especially in the fashion side of the business, and Mary Jane shoes have proven themselves to be one of the main contenders, not losing their popularity over the years. It seems that this design of shoes has not only evolved over the ages, but also made itself one of the staple styles that ladies of every age desire to own a pair of. This quality can also be attributed to the fact that the basic concept of a Mary Jane shoe has been taken and presented to the market within the parameters of the reigning fashions of the current times. Mary Jane shoes have witnessed a boost in their popularity a great deal in the recent years and that is mainly because of the celebrities and fashionistas sporting this style on the red carpet as well as other events; the women out there also crave a pair of these Mary Jane shoes in order to look chic and stylish.


if you are contemplating of buying a pair of Mary Jane's yourself then let us guide you to some of the best brands that excel in providing this very style.The brand of Naot boasts a very fashionable range of Mary Jane shoes; making sure their shoes are in step with the very latest of reigning trends, their collection features uncountable options in terms of colors, designs and the buckle options. the brand currently offers about 75 different types of designs of Mary Jane shoes, and the price range varies from $110 to $180. The brand of Demonia seems like think a bit more out of the box. Although the very basic and traditional Mary Jane shoes are suppose to be flat and with a strap which closes with a buckle at one side, Demonia flaunts this style with platforms and high heels, not being afraid to experiment with the classic strap and buckle. the brand is much more of a fashion oriented one, and their collection which ranges from the prices between $45 to $90 are very trend based. The current lineup of this brand features about 75 different styles of the Mary Jane shoes.


Aetrex targets to make the Mary Jane shoes for the purpose of comfort and durability, which is well aligned with the over all philosophy of the brand. The shoes are made sure have the classic feel of the original style of Mary Janes, and you will get the top notch service in terms of durability and comfort. Very similar to Aetrex, the brand of Prophet is also a comfort oriented one; this one especially makes the Mary Jane shoes with a Velcro strap and not a buckle.

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Some of the other brands also worth checking out if you are searching for that perfect pair of Mary Janes are Hush Puppies, Clarks, Kee, Ecco Aravon and Bernie Mev. Mary Jane footwear is essentially convenient, cute and comfortable and the ideal pair wholly depends on what are your requirements. If you are only searching for a pair for your daily life routine and for wear and tear then you should go for brands like Prophet and Aetrex, whereas fashionable is also your priority then check out Dermonia and Naot.