Where To Buy Cycling Shoes
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Where To Buy Cycling Shoes

Published at 03/29/2012 22:24:19


Where To Buy Cycling Shoes

If you are going for a leisurely Sunday afternoon bicycle ride, you should be perfectly comfortable wearing everyday running shoes, tennis shoes or other casual foot apparel. When you switch over to long-distance riding you will want to convert your foot wear to cycling shoes. The same is true for riding courses where speed is a priority. Cycling shoes are also an important component to your performance if you ride on uneven terrains or do any hill climbing. The structure of shoes designed specifically for cycling helps enhance your abilty to manage speed and secure contact with the bicycle pedals. Because cycling shoes are a specialized product, the price is higher than other types of foot wear for outdoor activities. To get the best deal on this category of shoes, shop around at the various retail sources that carry the brands of shoes that can transform your cycling experience.


In the early days of bicycling, regular everyday shoes were standard apparel. As the sport of bicycling became more popular, the need for shoes that were designed specifically for the rigorous athletic pursuit became more important. Bicycling race events and distance rides secured the sport as a legitimate style of athletic pursuit. When bicycling became a regular feature in the Olympics Games in the early 20th century the sport began to become more and more popular. Manufacturers of sporting equipment collaborated with world-class riders to determine the features most important for peak performance. Several brands were successful and today nearly all specialty athletic shoe makers produce a line of cycling shoes.


Start your search for cycling shoes at a local sports apparel and equipment store. If you have never worn cycling shoes before it is important that you try on several styles before you make your selection. You can accomplish this by doing the shopping in person rather than by simply buying the shoes online. The staff at a bicycle shop can help you determine the features that are most important for your style of riding. The cycling shoes must be matched with the type of pedals on your bicycle. Shoes suitable for bicycle pedals used for distance riding, for example, are different than shoes matched to the pedals for track and sprint racing or climbing rides.

Once you have determined the style of cycling shoes you prefer by actually handling them you are ready to shop at some of the large sporting goods retail stores. The prices at these retail outlets will generally be lower, but you should not expect to have any support from bicycling professionals who know all the details about fit and matching shoes to the pedals. You will need to make your own decisions based on the knowledge you have gained elsewhere and from reading reviews in authoritative bicycling publications.

If you live in a rural area or in a location where there are no specialty sports stores, cycling shoes may be purchased from online retailers. Visit several websites before making your final purchase decision. Make sure that you thoroughly evaluate the terms and verify what return policy is offered. Buying cycling shoes in an investment in your enjoyment of the sport and the gateway to better performance. Wise purchasing decisions will help you achieve your cycling goals. 

Tips and comments

Make sure you buy good socks to pair with your cycling shoes. Avoid cotton socks that can get damp and smelly. Instead look for socks made of fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin and helps to keep your feet cool.