Where To Find Plus Size Shoes
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Where To Find Plus Size Shoes

Published at 03/24/2012 15:14:31


Where To Find Plus Size Shoes

Unfortunately, not everyone’s shoe size is standard. There are always extremes such as people with extra tiny feet and those who need plus size shoes. Since having a good pair of shoes is extremely important, finding the right pair of plus size shoes is necessary to walk correctly and comfortably. In addition, you avoid potential foot problems associated with ill-fitting shoes such as blisters, wounds, heel and arch pain, corns, bunions, hammertoes, and calluses.


Where To Find Plus Size Shoes

In the olden days, plus size shoes were made to order or most footwear were for that matter. However, as better technologies and techniques were developed, shoes were no longer made by hand or ordered specifically. Machines made shoe production prolific and concise with measurements that fit standard sizes. Even plus sizes of shoes are made nowadays to fit women and men with larger and wider feet.


Where To Find Plus Size Shoes

Today, there is nothing that cannot be bought online including plus size shoes for both men and women. Performing an online search is easy by using any search engine for plus size shoes. Be aware that knowing your plus size shoes sizes is crucial as wearing too tight or too loose footwear can equally create problems. Therefore, make it a point to know your plus size shoes.

Measuring your feet before buying them online can help immensely to get the right pair of plus size shoes. The next time you are at a shoe shop, get a measuring device to measure your feet and note your plus size. Ask if the shoe stores you are in, carry them. If not, ask the sales associate where you can find plus size shoes. Shoes are arranged by sizes, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find your size. Try on several pairs with different styles and brands to check how you walk in these plus size shoes. You can buy them on the spot or go visit other shoe stores.

There are also physical stores that specialize in everything bigger such as extra large clothes and plus size shoes. Other stores might just carry plus size shoes and no other merchandise such as apparel and accessories. Major department stores also have their own shoes section where you can find plus size shoes. Some of these stores also dedicate special shelves for plus size shoes and clothes to make them easy for customers to find.

Online shops also specialize in plus size shoes. Try a price comparison site such as Nextag to see if you can find stores that sell plus size shoes. You will see that shops such as Lane Bryant, Roamans, One Stop Plus, Shoe Mall, and One Stop Within offer plus size shoes for women. Designer Shoes (designershoes.com) is another shop where you can find plus sizes for shoes. Other online retailers where you can find plus sizes shoes are Ebay and Amazon. The advantage of using auction sites for plus size shoes is that you can source these merchandise from thousands of retailers inside or outside of the US.

Tips and comments

Consult a shoe chart size to know your plus size in shoes. In the US, plus size shoes start at 10 upwards. In Europe, size 41 and above is considered plus size shoes while in the UK, it’s from 8 and above. Men’s plus sizes in shoes are also different, so it is best to check a shoe chart for this whether you are buying your plus size shoes online or offline.