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The Best Men's Black Shoes

Published at 03/22/2012 18:07:16


Men should have a wardrobe of shoes and if they only want to choose one color for their shoes, black will offer them more fashion options because this color is suitable for all occasions. Other neutral colors, like brown, grey, tan, wine and navy are great additions to add to their collection of men's black shoes, however, none of these colors can replace black as an all purpose color for a man's shoe wardrobe. Even if they stick with only black shoes, they should choose a variety of shoe styles for the best style options for business, formal and casual wear.


A good collection of men's black shoes should include dress shoes and casual shoes. Within the dress shoe category, men may want to choose one or two pairs of dress shoes to save for formal occasions and they may also want to choose to one or two pairs of dress shoes for work. The dress shoes worn for work should be more comfortable for long-term wear than the dress shoes chosen for formal occasions. The oxford shoe is the most formal style of men's shoes, so this style would be suitable for work and formal gatherings. The loafer style of shoe is a slip-on shoe that can provide a bridge between formal and casual styles. Although there are also more casual variations of the oxford shoe, this style is usually reserved for formal occasions. Included in the casual shoe category are sneakers, casual boots and boat shoes. For a complete men's black shoes wardrobe, at least one pair of boots should also be included.



Oxford men's black shoes are lace-up shoes that come in a variety of toe shapes. For comfort, a round or square toe shape is best because these shapes allows more room for toes to move. Workday oxfords should be constructed of smooth high-quality leather. For formal wear, buy a pair of patent leather dress oxfords. For this style, what makes it look dressier or more casual is how sleek the design is. The sleeker design, the dressier this style looks.

Men's loafers are an easy to wear style that is usually considered more casual than oxfords because they are slip-on shoes. Although dressy loafers can look just as dressy as dressy oxfords, the convenience of being able to slip them on and off gives this shoe a more casual air. A pair of dress loafers is a good addition to any collection of men's black shoes because this type of dress shoe offers men the ability to wear dress shoes without sacrificing comfort because if these shoes ever get too uncomfortable, they can easily slip them off for short periods of time, even during business meetings.

For boots, men should have at least two pairs. One pair can be rather dressy and the other casual. The dressy pair can be worn to work, even in the most corporate workplaces. The casual pair can be used as everyday casual footwear or for hiking and other activities where a rugged pair of boots would be more suitable than other types of casual footwear. As for sneakers and other casual shoes, men should buy as many as they think they need because these types of shoes tend to get the most wear throughout the year.


Tips and comments

  • To get more life out of your men's black shoes, become a regular customer of your local shoe repair shop to take care of minor wear and tear before they become major problems.