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Where To Buy Patent Leather Shoes


Shoes are not just a means for protecting the soles of one’s feet, they are a fashion statement. The trend changes every season, sometimes even quicker. The wide variety of footwear available makes selection a difficult feat to accomplish. Leather patent shoes are the newest fad these days. They come in a large variety of shoes types like boots, pumps and heels. Leather patent shoes look classy and chic and glamorous. They are great for formal and semi-formal occasions. The glossy finish look gives the outfit a whole new twist.


The history of patent leather goes back to the early 19th century and owes its creation to Seth Boyden a resident of Newark, New Jersey. In the year 1818, Boyden began to try to make a type of leather that retained its protective and durable qualities. This new category of leather would also have a look that would be more formal than work boots or similar leather goods. He used a formula that used linseed oils to give the leather a glossy look commercial production was started on September 20 1818. Boyden’s labors ensued in the making of glossy leather that quickly caught on as the perfect accessory for formal dress. Even today leather patent shoes are an essential formal accessory.


Today leather patent shoes are very much in fashion on the runways. All major retail brands like Dior, Prada, Micheal Kors, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo etc. produce them. Every major designer makes patent leather boots. The best place to buy them is the designers own outlets, where you can find sizes and shapes of every type of shoe the brand has created. If you like to go buy your shoes from a place where there is a large variety of designers stock then places like Nordstrom and Marcy’s and Marshalls are great. All three stores stock designers which have patent leather shoes. Jimmy Choo and Valentino both have patent leather footwear available and both are stocked at Nordstrom. Macy’s stocks Michael Kors and Nine West which both have collections of patent leather. However you can always shop online and get great deals from websites as well. Often there are clearance sales on the web on fashion brands websites as well. You can thus buy shoes for lower costs than at the retail stores. Price comparisons on the web also help you pick the best shoe buy.

Tips and comments

Leather patent shoes are often costly therefore they must be taken care of well. Some tips for taking care of leather patent shoes are; wipe down the surface of the shoes with a soft cloth before storing them. To remove scuff marks take some petroleum jelly and rub it on the shoe with a soft cloth. Polish the whole shoe with petroleum jelly or oil to keep the leather soft and supple. If you get a scratch cover it with a felt tip marker and then buff it with a soft cloth and oil and remove the excess marker. This will keep your shoes looking new. Use a good leather cleaner which will keep your shoes looking new for years.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/22/2012
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