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Shoes And Boots For a Bad Ankle

Published at 03/23/2012 19:48:16


Ankle shoes boots are extremely popular and anybody can wear them. The main trick of wearing ankle shoes boots in a most fashionable way is to wear them with matching clothing that goes well with them. Ankle shoes boots can be wear for bad ankle if that gives good support, balance and stability. If you have an earlier injury or your ankles are subject to often twists, wear a pair that gives you balance and keep the ankle area stable. Walkers, hikers, runners who have bad ankles or who are worried over their ankles, must have the right shoes. If you do not care for a proper shoe with a bad ankle you will have the risk of developing chronic ankle instability. If this happens, repeated ankle sprains will be a common occurrence in your life. This repeated sprain will not only injure your bad ankle, it will also increase the chance of developing ankle arthritis in your later life.

Ankle support is compulsory in ankle shoes boots for people with bad ankles. Shoes and boots for a bad ankle must have excellent grip all around the foot and ankle, should stick well on all surfaces and properly padded with good level of air circulation.

The common features of a bad ankle are sprains and strains. Once you have these on your ankle, it becomes the weakest area of your body for some time. A sprain occurs when the ligaments around your ankle joints are twisted or badly stretched. Anybody can suffer from a bad ankle whether he is an athlete or a sedentary person. The sprains or strains that cause bad ankles occur from accidents on uneven floors or crack on the roads or from slipping on a wet surface. Women twist their ankles falling from high heels either during socializing or at work.

When you trip or fall from ankle shoes boots, you have the risk of bending your ankle suddenly. It causes a sudden strike on the bone of your ankle. If this happens, give your ankles some rest, do not place unnecessary pressure on it. Take the weight off your injured ankle while you walk. If you have hurt your ankle badly, open your shoes and socks, lie down at the first opportunity and elevate your ankle to a level so that it is above your heart. Try to apply ice on the wound for a minimum of 20 minutes. It will reduce your pain and swelling.


However, the basic characteristics of shoes and boots which are god for bad ankles must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Front foot should not twist easily with the rear of the foot.
  • Solid and comfortable heel counter
  • Solid inside midsole
  • Insole should be removable

Tips and comments

There are many shoes and boots available for bad ankles on the market today. If your bad ankle is in severing condition, you should consult a podiatrist. Most shoes and boots for bad ankles have foot beds, if they are not appropriate for your feet the “Podiatrist” will make a cast of your feet and draft a orthotic supported exclusive design for you.