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The Best Mens Running Shoes

Published at 03/24/2012 18:06:52


Most people obsess about brands when opting for certain shoes. Their decision of choosing a particular pair has more to do with the brand and style and almost nothing to do with the dynamics of running. Mens running shoes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and models. This article will help you to decide which mens running shoes suit you best. Below are some points to consider when selecting running shoes:


Pronation: If a person inner foot takes most of the impact, then this is known as over pronation. If an individual lands on the outer part of the foot first, then it is known as sulpination or under pronation. In short inward rolling of a foot is termed as over pronation while outward roll is called sulpination. In the ideal situation – the foot must land exactly perpendicular to the surface. This is known as neutral pronation. Most people suffer from some degree of pronation with over pronation being more common than sulpination. When there is a case of over or under pronation – the ability of the foot to reduce impact becomes impaired. This leads to pain and joint problems. The knees are affected the most as they are the ones that soak up most of the impact. The only efficient way to tackle pronation is to wear mens running shoes that are manufactured for countering pronation. Such shoes have extra cushioning on one side to neutralise the inward or outward roll of the foot. The best way to determine whether you suffer from sulpination or pronation is to consult a specialist. A well used pair of shoes may also provide some insight into the matter. If your shoes are worn out on the inner side, then you suffer from over pronation and if they are worn out on the outside, then you most likely underpronate.


The shape of mens running shoes: The shape of your men’s running shoes is extremely important to avoid bruises, bites and injuries. Some people are flat footed while others have a high arched footprint. Basically, a footprint is an indication of the amount of foot that actually comes into contact with the surface when running bare footed. The area of contact is inversely proportional to the pressure or impact. Thus it essential to pay attention to the shape of one’s foot when selecting men’s running shoes. People who overpronate must choose mens running shoes which have a straight shape while people who sulpinate must opt for shoes with a curved profile. If a man has neutral pronation then he should select shoes with a half curved shape.

Tips and Comments

Terrain: there are different types of men’s running shoes for different terrains. If you run primarily on asphalt (road), then you must choose mens running shoes which are specifically designed for the purpose. These shoes are known as road runners and they are light and very well cushioned so that they can absorb the impact of running on rock hard surfaces. However, if you run predominantly on mountain or forest trails, then you must opt for trail running shoes. These shoes are manufactured to handle different types of terrain like mud, slippery surfaces and forest floors. They have superior grip to ensure that you always maintain enough traction on any kind of surface.