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How To Lower the Heel on Shoes


When you have owned a pair of high heel shoes or boots for a while, you may find one has become short than the other. When this happens, you will need to shorten the opposite heel to make sure both heels are even If you are looking for shoes with heels that are a certain height, you may want to shorten them yourself to make the the appropriate height. No matter what your reason for lowering the heel on shoes, it can be done quickly and easily with the proper tools.






Step 1

Gather the materials. Organizing these items before your start working will insure that you have all the items needed and will not have to stop the project to find more tools or materials. You will need a tape measure, sand paper a utility knife and a heavy book. You may also want to keep a pencil and piece of paper on hand in case you need to write down the measurements before you begin to cut the heel. Make sure the utility blade is sharp, as this will allow it to cut into the shoes heel easily and help the process move along faster and easier.

Step 2

Place the boot or shoe on a counter table or other flat surface. Place the book on the shoes or boots. This will help hold them in place as you measure and cut them. Use the tape measure to measure the heels. If one heel is higher than than the other, measure the shorter heel first. Mark the same measurement on the opposite heel with a pen, this will tell you where to cut the opposite heel to make them both even. If you are cutting both heels, measure each one to the proper size and mark the measurements with a pen or pencil.

Step 3

Use the knife to cut the heels at the marked measurements. Most heels will have several layers and will be difficult to move through with the knife. Make sure the cut is even and flat. If your cut it uneven, the new shoes heel will be uneven as well.Cut slowly and check that your blade is straight with each stroke.If you notice the cut is uneven, attempt to straighten the blade and try again.

Step 4

Use the sandpaper to rub the bottom of the cut heels. Run the sandpaper on each heel and run them until they are flat and even and not chunks or pieces of the heel are hanging off the cut. Consider using a sander if you are unable to remove the material with sandpaper.

Step 5

Place the show on and wear them around the house. As you walk in the heels, notice if they are even. You can also ask someone else to try them on to get a second opinion. If the heels appear to be even, you have successfully trimmed the shoes heel. If you still feel as if the shoes heel is uneven, you will need to repeat the steps as many times as needed to even them up or make them the appropriate height.


If you are unsure how to repair the shoes heel, consider taking them to a professional.

Always were safety goggles when working.

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