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The Best Womens Boots And Shoes

Published at 03/28/2012 01:10:32


Women are known for their love of shoes and if they are asked to name the best womens boots shohes, the list would be miles long because, happily, for shoe lovers there are so many styles and designers to choose from. However, a basic list of the best shoes in general can be determined. Unless a woman has an extreme lifestyle where her footwear is either very dressy or very casual, most women will have several pairs of similar shoe styles in their shoe closets.


Throughout history, womens boots shoes have had an impact on women and society. Although footwear is a necessity, footwear has often been used to make a statement. Some of these statements were severe like the way some women of nobility in certain Asian cultures practiced foot binding to make a woman's feet smaller. This painful process was seen as a sign of status because only the only families who could afford to cripple their daughter's feet this way were wealthy families who didn't need their daughters to help them with manual labor. Thankfully, most women's fashion shoe statements have been more fun and sometimes silly.


Every collection of the best shoes should start with a comfortable pair of shoes. Even women who are like Sex and The City's Carrie Bradshaw and would not be caught at any function without a pair of shoes with sky high heels need to have a foot break while at home and during casual occasions. Many woman wear their casual shoes while commuting to and from work. Casual shoes that will be used for walking long distances should have a low heel and shock absorbing cushioning inside the shoe for foot protection. Penny loafers and lace up flats can make great walking shoes. Shoes that will only be worn indoors for for short walks can be sleeker, like ballet shoes. In addition to these shoes, women should also have a pair of athletic sneakers for more heavy duty walking or to wear when they exercise.

The next womens boots shoes group should be shoes that are reserved mainly for work. Women should have a pair of dressy shoes of various shoe heights. For women who love high heels, their lowest heel could be about 2 inches because that is considered the maximum heel height that some foot doctors believe women should wear on a daily basis. High heel lovers can alternate between their favorite heels and the 2 inch heels without having to wear flats when they are away from their desks.

Women should also have a collection of dressy or evening shoes. Again, heel height will vary based on preference, but here is where the woman who loves flats can feel free to break out of her usual footwear routine and buy shoes she would never wear to the office. For these shoes, in addition to different heel types, women should also consider bold colors, materials and designs for at least one pair of their dressy shoes. They should also have a pair of simple, elegant shoes for formal occasions.

Women should have at least two pair of boots in their womens boots shoes collection. One pair should be a dress boot with a heel that a woman feels comfortable wearing. The other pair should be an waterproof snow boot.


Tips and comments

When adding to a womens boots shoes collection, always buy more than one pair of shoes that are worn most often.