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Where To Find Jane Shoes

Published at 03/23/2012 17:40:51


The style of Mary Jane shoes is one of the very few designs in footwear that has managed to keep its popularity amongst the fairer sex afloat; although the companies and especially the designers have modified, evolved and played around with the basic features of a Mary Jane shoe, the very essence of this style is still being embraced by ladies all over the world. and especially in the past couple of years, the cut throat industry of fashion has made a favorable return to the style of Mary Jane shoes. the biggest names in the business have showcased this very style in their collections and ranges of the past couple of years; more importantly the biggest names in celebrities have also been, very often, clicked sporting Mary Jane shoes. Needless to say, these shoes are quite a hit!


Be it as ballet flats, wedges, platforms or flats, the very traditional concept of a Mary Jane, which is a single strap over the arch of the foot or even multiple straps across the arch of the foot, is being incorporated in all types of footwear! because of its increasing popularity, almost every shoe brand is presenting Mary Jane footwear in their ranges and this can confuse us ladies as to where to find that perfect pair of Mary Janes.


If you are searching for a pair of Mary Jane shoes solely for the purpose of wear and tear, given you profession or the daily chores you have to go about which are hard then we strongly recommend for you to check out the brand of Drew. The people at the brand make sure that the Mary Jane shoes are designed and developed to mainly serve the purpose of durability and comfort. The credibility of this particular brand is also enhanced by the fact that they specialise in medical shoes as well as other comfort oriented footwear. The majority of their collection of Mary Janes feature a Velcro strap instead of a buckle and the best part is that most of their designs are available to you in a variety of widths. this brand should most definitely be one of your top choices if you are searching for a shoe which is perfect for cushioning, protection for your feet, comfort as well as durability. The price ranges of Drew are also exceptionally modest with the Mary Janes varying from $75 to $135.

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Demonia is the brand for you if you have been on an endless quest for that perfect pair of Mary Jane pair, but with a killer heel or even the mere style of a Mary Jane incorporated in a funky and modern pair of shoes. Demonia boasts of a stunning collection of footwear which have been inspired from the very basic design of a Mary Jane, yet making sure the shoes look the latest of the trending styles and fashions. you can get your hands on a pair of any material be it suede or leather with uncountable prints and shades to match your mood or personality.