Trends in Ankle Boots And Shoes
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Trends in Ankle Boots And Shoes

Published at 03/24/2012 11:58:32


Trends in Ankle Boots And Shoes

No outfit or outlook is complete without the right shoes. The Shoes complete the look. The trends in shoes keep emerging from time to time. But there are only a few that stick for a while. Knowing the new styles in ankle boots shoes is imperative if you plan on rocking your outfit. The complete outfit can never be complete without the right shoes. Ankle boots shoes are one of the newest trends. Every fall, winter, spring and summer we are blessed with newer and better shoes, some make us fall head over heels, while other we aren’t so crazy about. The fashion is always what you portray it to be!


Boots have been in fashion for quite a while now. There are boots that go up to knee length and then that are even higher than the knees. The newest trend that’s gained a lot of attention and made a lot of people fall head over heels is the Ankle boots shoes. They can rock the oversized silk shirt, or a mini skirt with a button up shirt. The ankle boots shoes look amazing either way. And they are highly comfortable and can be used both casually and semi-formally.


Some of the other trends other than the ankle boots shoes include the metallic toes. The Metallic toes basically mean flashier and more practical. A lot of the big names in the fashion industry, such as Louis Vuitton among many others, have made new designs with metallic toes. One trend which has been long gone, or was seen rarely, was the pointed toes. This is back in fashion. The new heels and even pumps are seen in pointed toes. And all the women are loving pointed toes being revived again. They look very dressy and smart. They can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts etc. And if your feet aren’t comfy, you can always go for the ankle boots shoes. The ankle boots shoes are perfect if you are more interested in practical. The other trend that is seen ridiculously is the super platforms. The platforms now days are super big and come in various shapes and sizes, they are distorted and deformed to make new fashions and trends in shoes. It’s good that ankle boots shoes aren’t played around with much, their design is very static and even if changes are made, they aren’t as drastic.

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Transparent shoes are also the new thing. Girls love the transparent shoes, as they go with everything. They can go well with a dress and a skirt alike. No changing the shoes for matching shoes. Shiny and Blingy is also one of the much loved trends in shoes. They are the opposite of ankle boots shoes, but they are extremely elegant and go very well with formal outfits. Women have rocked these shiny heels and shoes on the runway, weddings, dinners etc. In fact even on the red carpet, the shiny shoes are a big hit and make the whole outfit look very beautiful and elegant on any occasion.