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Trends in Shoes: Ankle Boots


Shoes Ankle boots are defiantly making their way with the women. They are the newest love of our lives. They look amazing with every outfit. They can be worn with jeans and a top and even a dress. They are extremely comfortable and trendy. Shoes Ankle boots are seen in suede, leather usually. The suede ones look extremely chic and are the hot favorites. They can be worn in any season really, especially in winters, spring and fall. They will be a little too thick and warm for summers. Especially if your summers is toward the west coast.


Shoes Ankle boots have existed in the industry but have only gained more platforms recently. People are more and more open to new designs and trends in the shoes industry. They don’t mind what the shoes look like, or what color they are, as long as they feel good or appeal to them.


Shoes ankle boots can be paired with a chunky sweater and skirt and scarves. They go well with everything literally. Some people claim that shoes ankle boots can’t be worn with socks, but actually they look very nice and trendy with socks. Try wearing them with stripy socks or other colorful patterns and they will look very cute. Not all boots can be worn with socks, as they wouldn’t show or look nice. Some people even wear shoes ankle boots with just a pair of button up dress shirt. A loose white button up dress shirt, with shoes ankle boots, looks very classy and fresh. Tights are also one of the biggest trends in the industry now days. They actually go very well the shoes Ankle boots. Tights can be worn with tunics, dresses, shirts etc. and finally the shoes ankle boots. A simple tank top and shorts, if that’s your usual attire, than the shoes ankle boots also go well with this look. Shoes ankle boots are also seen with platforms. They platform shoes ankle boots actually look very nice and are loved by the platform lovers. Almost every shoe has been made in the platform version now. These ankle boots are also very convenient. They have zips on the side, and are very easy to put on or take off. They fit very well also.

Tips and comments

Shoes ankle boots rock the dress look as well as mentioned above. For the working women, these shoes go very well with their office outfits. A nice dressy skirt with a beautiful silky top and shoes ankle boots look very nice. You don’t always have to wear heels and other formal shoes; you can always opt for the comfortable choice. These shoes are not even just for the older crowd; even the high school girls are loving these shoes. They give you the heel effect, without the long heels that you wear. The overall image is very flattering and proportionate. Before you head out with the shoes, just take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you’re good to go!

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/24/2012
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Trends in Shoes: Ankle Boots. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.