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Where To Buy Booties And Shoes For Babies


There are a lot of stores which sell baby stuff and usually these stores sell everything from baby’s clothing to baby’s beddings. However, if you do not have time to go around, you can always go to online shops. If your interest is on buying shoes booties for your little baby, then you can go to these recommended online shops.

Baby Super Mall

Baby Super Mall is an online shop for all your baby needs. Their website can be accessed on They have products such as bedding, baby gears such as car seats, baby care and feeding materials such as teethers, diaper bags, and furniture such as cribs and cradles. Aside from that, they also have baby clothing and accessories from tops, bodysuits, bottoms, dresses, outfits, one-pieces, outerwear (sweaters and jackets), sleepwear, foot wear (such as shoes booties, sandals, socks and etc.) swimwear and other baby needs such as burp cloths, bibs, blankets. So if you’re going to buy shoes booties for your baby, you can go to this shop.

For their shipment details, they have shipping fees depending on the location but they offer free shipping on orders over $69 within US. They also provide international shipping in 116 countries worldwide. They also offer return shipping protection for only $2.95 if the customers are not happy with what their product and if they want an exchange. They will send their customers a prepaid shipping label to return it to their factory in Elgin, Illinois and they will refund any "Standard Delivery" shipping cost that is paid by the customer to receive their order (additional amounts paid for guaranteed or expedited shipping are not refundable). Their shipping protection however, is only offered to customers living within the US. Aside from that, they also offer 90-day returns provided that the customers will also return the receipt and return authorization number. They also accept credit card and PayPal for payment options. Plus, they don’t charge sales tax for orders shipped outside Illinois.

Baby Super Mall is also known for their award-winning customer service. They are proud recipients of the Circle of Excellence Award based from customer reviews.

Jack and Lily

Jack and Lily online store, which can be accessed in exclusively, offers baby shoes booties for both baby boys and girls. They have three main lines: My Shoes, My Boots, and Originals.

Their My Shoes line is hand-crafted with breathable, premium leather. Their products also have their signature durable, soft, flexible, rubber sole. Some additional features include a suede lining and a 3 millimetre cushioning for the sole and ankle. They also used Velcro for making sure that the shoes will stay on the baby’s feet. The inner sole is made from suede with two non-slip pads to provide extra flexibility to the baby’s feet.

Just like their My Shoes line, their My Boots line are also hand-crafted with breathable, premium leather and has their signature durable, soft, flexible, rubber sole. Some additional features include an ultra-soft, non-allergenic faux fur lining and a 3 millimetre cushioned sole. They also use Velcro to make sure that the shoes will stay on the baby’s feet.

Lastly, their Originals lines are also hand-crafted in Canada with breathable, ultra-soft, premium cowhide leather. It also includes a suede sole that is flexible and skid resistant. They use a gently elasticized ankle which provides both comfort and for the shoes to stay on the baby’s feet.

For their product shipment, they offer shipping charges based on flat rate fee. They charge $7 USD for regular, $20 USD for express in the US, $7 CDN for regular, $20 CDN for express in Canada, and $20 USD for regular and $50 USD for express for international shipping. They also offer free shipping fee on orders of $50 or more provided that the shipment is made in the US. For their payment method, they only accept credit card payments. They also offer returns and exchanges policy provided that the gift return number (provided by customer service representative) and receipt is presented.

Baby Mall Online

Baby Mall Online which can be accessed on their website is also another one stop baby needs shop just like Baby Super Mall. They also sell bedding, bathing materials, feeding materials, toys, clothing, and footwear. They sell shoes booties from two manufacturers: Baby Vision and Luvable friends.

For their shipment details, they offer shipping in all the US states but they don’t have international shipping. They offer flat rate shipping based on the total price purchased. They offer as low as $1.99 for shipping for items below $25 and $9.99 for items over $100. For their mode of payment, they only accept credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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