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How To Know If Your Shoes Fit


A shoe has become an integral part of any wardrobe. Finding variety of shoes is not much a herculean task, when compared to finding the right sizes for your shoes. Your looks can either be made perfect or spoiled by your shoes that you prefer. Before selecting any shoes or sandals for an occasion, the first thing to do is to find out the right size. This problem mainly arises as the shoes are made in bulk and they are made by keeping in mind the size and the dimensions of an average feet size. So some major problem arises for people with wide legs. The main complaints include pain of one or more toes and the toes might feel crushed. The most important factor that should be considered while selecting the shoes is the comfort, because while wearing those you will have to perform a lot of actions that may include walking, running or even dancing.

Step 1

In most of the earlier civilizations, the sandals were common. During 1600—1200 BC, the people who lived in the mountain bordering Iran used to have soft shoes. It was made up of leather. In the late 1850’s shoes were made with no difference for the right and the left shoes. In 1871, January a machine of Charles Goodyear Jr’s was patented for sewing shoes and boots. In its present style the shoe laces were first invented in 1970s in England. The first rubber heel for shoes was patented in 1899.

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The correct fit of your shoes is important as it affects the functions of the foot. There are a lot of people suffering from foot problems because of the misfit of your shoes.

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After going for a party or after a dance many feel that the bones of their big toes hurt. Some feel the pain on the heels or at the balls of the foot. The main problem is that most of them squeeze their feet into small shoes.

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Our feet have some most important functions such as standing straight, carrying weight and walking. Usage of short shoes can curl our toes and a prolonged use of them can make the shape even permanent. The misfit of your shoes can affect the functions of your big toes and you might not be able to use your toe as normally as you always do.

Step 5

Before going to purchase your shoes it is better to measure your feet size and the fitting. A swelling of the feet or any other problem can change the size of your feet. So try out your shoes and walk for a few minutes before purchasing them.


Another tip is that if you are going to buy a shoe with lace it is better to do the fitting in the evening as the leg will be at its biggest size and if there is any swelling, you can buy your shoes considering all the factors. On the other hand if you are buying flip flops or sandals the best time is in the morning as the flip flops will tend to extent later.

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By Sia Attavar, published at 03/26/2012
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