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What To Wear With Tan Shoes


Shoes, though a small portion of your clothing, have great impact when paired with the right clothes. The shoes are now available in different colors - black, tan, red and more. The problem with having different colored shoes is pairing them with the right type of clothing. One example is the tan shoes. These shoes are among the neutral colored shoes that do not go out of style. Though it can be worn in every season, matching the right clothing might be difficult. But to get you out of that misery, here are some guidelines on what to wear with your tan shoes.


Traditionally, black and brown shoes are the most common color for working individuals. Both men and women today are now using tan shoes as an alternative. Tan shoes are not as difficult to pair with clothes as other colored shoes. And the good thing about tan shoes is they never go out of style. Tan shoes also give emphasis to women’s feet and legs. With tan shoes, a women’s leg looks more slender and long. All you need to remember is to choose clothing that will match or complement your tan shoes. Tan shoes go well with light colored clothing like cream and white. When looking for something to pair with your tan shoes for work, ladies can use cream knee-high skirt or slacks with dark colored top. For gentlemen, tan shoes can be paired with black or cream slacks with light colored top. The coat should match either the shoes or the pants.


For casual attire, tan shoes can be paired with white shorts and black leggings for women and blue jeans for men. But this depends on the type of tan shoes you are wearing. If your tan shoes are a formal type, only wear it with your slacks, skirts and formal dress. If the tan shoes are more in a casual look like flat shoes and sandals, then you can pair it with your skirt and shorts. You can also pair your tan shoes with dark skirts and pants like chocolate brown or black. But be sure to choose a top with lighter shade or near the shade of your shoes. All the attires mentioned above will make you look good using your tan shoes.

Tips and comments

If you still have trouble matching clothes with your tan shoes, just remember to use something that has the same shade as your shoes and the rest should be a little darker. If you prefer using darker clothes with your tan shoes, then you can wear accessories with a touch of brown or tan like bags, belt or watch. Once you get use to wearing your tan shoes, matching clothes will be easier for you. That is the best thing about tan shoes, they match every season and never go out of fashion. They can be used in every occasion and they can easily be paired with different types of clothes. So if you are not yet a proud owner of pair of tan shoes visit the nearest store at your place and buy one for yourself.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 03/28/2012
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