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How To Find Socks To Match Shoes


Many people want their shoes socks to match their shoes. This provides a great look that is seamless and brings out your shoes instead of detracting from them. A good shoe looks even better with socks that compliment both the color and the style. Shoes socks should be the appropriate length, color, and style. They should blend in well with your shoes and provide a look that is stylish and chic. A good pair of socks can compliment your shoes and your outfit. You need to know when to let your socks stand out and when to blend them in with your shoes.

Step 1

Shoes socks should generally match in color. If you are wearing black shoes, your socks should also be black. Wearing a white pair of shoes with black socks, does not normally look good. The sock should blend in with the shoe to make the shoe stand out and not the sock. Nothing looks worse than a beautiful pair of shoes with a pair of socks that does not match. This causes the socks to be in the spotlight and not the other way around. Make sure that the shoes socks colors match so that you get a great look and not one that looks tacky

Step 2

It is also important to choose the correct length of socks to both match your shoes and your outfit. Shoes socks should not be too long if you are wearing shorts or a skirt. Long socks are no longer in style with these types of outfits. Unless you are a teenager trying to be rebellious, socks should be at the ankle and should compliment the size of your shoe. You don't want to wear knee socks with ankle shoes and also you would not want to wear ankle socks with boots. This is important to remember. Match your shoes socks to the size of your shoes.

Step 3

For awhile, there was a trend where people wore crazy sock patterns and colors. The socks were meant to stand out in your outfit. These socks have lost their appeal in the fashion world and should only be worn on special occasions such as Halloween. Socks should not have patterns or crazy colors. Shoes socks should be a plain color and of a simple and classic design. These socks should look great with your shoes without standing out or being too obvious. This is the best way to match your socks to your shoes.

Step 4

You should also choose the material of your socks carefully. A thick pair of shoes socks does not look good with a dainty pair of shoes. Thick socks should be used with clogs or boots. Tennis shoes should have mid-bulk socks to compliment their style. If you are wearing a more slip-on, ballet style of shoes, you should wear very thin socks that do not show. This will keep each style of shoe looking its best on you. Socks can truly bring out your shoes, or take away from them. Many people neglect their sock look, but it is as important as your shoe choice.

Step 5

Socks come in so many styles, just like shoes. Shoes socks can be a fun and practical addition to your shoe wardrobe, but it is important to make sure that you chose your socks carefully so as not to cause wardrobe issues. A good sock should show with certain shoe styles and hide with others. If your sock is taking away from the look of your shoes or outfit, you should try different styles and colors of socks until you get the look you are wanting. There are so many types of socks available, that you are sure to find a pair that looks great with your shoes!


Match your shoes with your socks colors.

Match the bulk of your sock to your shoe.

Match the length of sock to the size of your shoe.

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