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The Best Shoes For Trail Walking

Published at 03/27/2012 14:22:31


The best trail shoes for walking should be sturdy and supportive. They should cradle your foot as you walk. Trail walking can be difficult and hard on your feet and even back because of the uneven terrain. This can cause undue pressure on your back and legs, causing pain. It is important to know what type of trail shoes will work best with your feet. All of us have different types of feet and arches. You should have your feet evaluated to be sure that you know your needs before you shop for trail shoes.

Step 1

One of the most important things to look for in walking trail shoes is that they have a tough sole. The sole should be rugged and have deep tread so that you are not slipping and sliding as you walk among the trails. The sole should keep you balanced and prevent damage to your feet from rocks and other debris. It should have a tough terrain to go over different trails with ease. It should also be made of a solid rubber sole that resists skidding. This is important because you will be exposed to so many types of terrain as you out trail walking. If you have a good trail shoe sole, you will be better able to accomplish this task.

Step 2

It is important to make sure that there is enough ankle support on your trail shoes. Your ankle will undergo quite a lot of stress as you walk along the trails. You will be going over lumps, bumps, and rocky terrain and this can cause your ankle to become unstable. A good walking trail shoe will have a higher than normal ankle support. It should cradle your ankle so that there is no sliding back and forth when you walk. It should allow for your ankle flexibility without causing too much movement in your ankle areas.

Step 3

The insole is also very important on walking trail shoes. If the insole is not supportive and does not feel comfortable, you are going to have issues while out on the trails. It is important to make sure that the insole is thick and well padded. It should contain ample arch and ball support. If the shoes overall are good, but lack insole support, you can readily fix this issue by purchasing high quality insoles and adding them to your trail shoes. This is a great way to maximize your comfort level at an affordable price.

Step 4

You should make sure that your trail shoes have a water resistant, yet breathable material. You will encounter so many types of terrain and weather conditions as you trail walk. It is important that your trail shoes breathe well so that your feet stay comfortably cool and dry. The trail shoes should be water proof if possible, to prevent wetness from the terrain entering your feet areas. This will keep your feet more comfortable as you walk along the different trails.

Step 5

It is also important to note when you are purchasing trail shoes to keep all of these thoughts in mind as you buy. You should thoroughly break in your shoes before you attempt trail walking to be sure that they will not cause you pain and pressure on your feet. By trying them out, you can prevent this from happening. Walking the trails is not the time to find out your shoes are inadequate. Try them out for several days as you go about your normal business.


Make sure the sole is tough.

You need insole comfort.

Materials are important.

Break them in before you trail walk.


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