The Best Womens Running Shoes
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The Best Womens Running Shoes

Published at 03/29/2012 17:51:42


The Best Womens Running Shoes

Running is when the best exercises available for overall fitness for anyone, especially women. It is a great exercise for cardiovascular fitness and it is also considered a good weight bearing exercise that is an important component of women's fitness. the great thing about running is that all a runner needs is a place to run, clothes that allow for easy movement and a comfortable pair of shoes. Womens running shoes are actually the most important part of a running program because as good as running is for the body it is also considered a high impact exercise, which means that women's feet, shins and legs need the protection that a good pair of womens running shoes provides.


There are several good brands of womens running shoes and women should have more than one pair available to them at all times. They should also be prepared to buying new running shoes regularly. Depending on how often they run and the distances they run women's shoe be prepared to buy new shoes at least once a year. The more pair as they have available to them at one time the less they will have to buy new. All good womens running shoes or well cushioned, but women should also know whether they have a tendency to put more weight on their inner feet (an overpronator), their outer feet (an underpornator) or whether their weight is evenly distributed throughout their feet (neutral or normal). Women can determine what kind of feed they have by wetting their feed and either running in sand on a paper surface. Deeper indentations on either side of the feet will determine what kind of feet they have.



An overpronator tends to also have flat feet. These runners need womens running shoes that offer strong arch support for stability. Some of the best reviewed shoes for women with flat feet are:  Asics Gel-3020 Running Shoes, Saucony Grid Stabil Running Shoes and Mizuno Wave Alchemy Running Shoes. Underpronators tend to have high arches, so they need shoes that offer more cushion and flexibility than usual. Good womens running shoes for these runners are: Nike Air Max Women's Running Shoes, New Balance 769 Women's Running Shoes and Saucony Grid Shadow Women's Running Shoes. Runners with neutral or normal feet can have many more options and a few good choices are these shoes: Saucony ProGrid Triumph Women's Running Shoes, Brooks Glycerin Women's Running Shoes, Mizuno Wave Creation Women's Running Shoe and Asics Nimbus Women's Running Shoes.

Tips and comments

  • If you need help additional help choosing the right womens running shoes, go to a local sporting goods store that sells a variety of women's shoes and try them on in person.
  • Do online research first to find out the list of the best shoes for your particular foot type.
  • If you are not sure what type of feet you have, go to a shoe store or sporting goods store that has sales reps with experience in determining the best fit for running shoes.