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Are Shoes Or Accessories More Important?

Published at 03/27/2012 22:38:25


It is a known fact that just your clothes are not sufficient to complete your appearance. You also need stylish shoes and accessories. Shoes and accessories are instrumental in lending character and depth to your image. Imagine wearing an evening gown without a watch or a necklace. It would look so empty – everyone would be quick to notice that something is missing. Similarly, an outfit makes absolutely no sense if it is not complimented with proper footwear. Still, there arises a question – are shoes or accessories more important? This article aims to settle the score between shoes or accessories.


Accessories: The argument between shoes or accessories becomes all the more heated if the accessory is a piece of expensive jewellery. Still, it would be insane to turn up in a diamond necklace with improper shoes. You would be far better off wearing shoes or sandals that suit the occasion than sporting a diamond necklace with no shoes at all! Accessories include all things that compliment your basic choice of clothing. Popular accessories include hats, belts, sun glasses, watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and so on. These look wonderful if they are chosen and worn well. However, these are not absolutely necessary. Sure, they make a huge difference to the appearance of an individual. They help one to personalise a specific look. Scarves, caps and other little interesting bits of clothing add a lot of personality to a certain image. But still, it would not be possible to say that accessories are entirely indispensable. Even a person who does not wear accessories can look good if he or she has the right clothing. No one will notice the absence of ear rings if the hair is styled in a way so that it covers the ears. Similarly, it is quite hard to notice the absence of watches and bracelets if one has a long sleeved outfit. But it would be a disaster to wear shoes that do not match the type of clothing. Imagine wearing flip flops under a white collar suit! It would look ridiculous – a suit without a watch is much more preferable than a suit without formal shoes. The same applies to all types of clothing. This proves to be a huge factor in tipping the balance in the favour of shoes when it comes to deciding between shoes or accessories.


Shoes: simply put, accessories are additives. Shoes or other types of footwear like sandals, boots are not fancy items. They are a staple when it comes to clothing. To understand the concept better, let us compare the argument of shoes or accessories to a vehicle. Shoes are like the tyres of a vehicle while accessories are like the bits of chrome on the outside. Sure, the car looks fantastic with the chrome. But what would you prefer – a car without chrome but no wheels or a car with wheels but no chrome? Surely, it has to be the latter one. Similarly, what would you prefer? – An accessorised look without shoes or an understated look with shoes? Definitely you would opt for the understated look without accessories. You would have to be quite eccentric to leave out the shoes!

Tips and Comments

The best way perhaps would be to include shoes as well as accessories on your priority list. That would lend the perfect balance. But if the argument boils down to just shoes or accessories, then shoes will definitely take the cake.