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Where To Buy Women's Size 4 Shoes


It’s not unknown for women to have tiny feet and finding women’s size 4 shoes is nearly the same task as looking for plus size shoes. They are not common sizes, but there are shoes on sale that exist for these sizes. Although you can always go to the children’s section, the choices of styles and colors are limited, pink being a predominant color. In addition, you won’t find pumps and stilettos as these styles are not meant for children. However, women’s size 4 shoes do exist with a little research and patience.


Shoe retailers located in physical locations should be your first stop to locate women’s size 4 shoes. If you don’t want the hassle of going to the shop only to find out that they do not have women’s size 4 shoes, call in advance to see whether they have them in stock and if there are enough models to choose from. You might think about stocking basic styles of women's size 4 shoes that won't go out of fashion if shoe shopping is a chore. In addition, shoes are seasonal, so it's hard to find a pair of boots in summertime or sandals in winter. Buying a couple more ensures that you have something to wear when pairs of shoes are broken.

Other Methods

You can do online research for women’s size 4 shoes and you’ll find that web stores do carry them. Examples of shops that have women’s size 4 shoes are Zappos and The most important thing to know is your exact shoe size as you can be somewhere between a 3 or 4. Thus, measuring your feet is also important. Take note of the styles and designs as these can affect the fit of women's size 4 shoes.

There are also online shops that specialize in extra small shoes such as women’s size 4 shoes in the same way that there are clothes retailers which focus on big sizes. Browse at Marni Shoes for an idea of styles and designs of women's size 4 shoes.

When shopping online, take note of the location of sites you are visiting. There are several websites based in Europe that offer women’s size 4 shoes. Prices can be higher that what you would be used to for a pair of women’s size 4 shoes, but there are great styles and designs that would entice you to grab a couple for yourself. As such, pay attention to the shoe conversion sizes. UK and European sizes are different from the US standard sizes. Women’s size 4 shoes are equivalent to 34 in continental Europe while in the UK it is 3. That said, take a look at websites that offer stylish and trendy women’s size 4 shoes such as Dainty Feet and Small Shoes. Southern retailers in Europe such as Desigual and Zara sell women’s size 4 shoes as well. You can also find women’s size 4 shoes at shops online and offline that sell vintage clothing.

Tips and comments

Other sites where you can find women’s size 4 shoes are online auction sites. These sites carry all sorts of merchandise from clothes and footwear to electronics and hardware. The advantage is that these sites source their merchandise from all over the world. Hence, you have plenty of choices in styles and designs as well as women’s size 4 shoes.

By Marie, published at 03/27/2012
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