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How To Determine a Boys' Size For Shoes

Published at 03/30/2012 01:24:08


Finding the right boys' shoe size is challenging, but necessary. Although the process of measuring a boy's foot is not difficult, keeping those measurements up to date are because boys' feet can grow at a rapid rate. Shoes that a boy was able to wear less than a year ago may not fit him today. Until he gets close to his adult size, measurements will have to be made at least once a year to ensure that boys have the best fitting shoe for their feet. It may be tempting for busy parents to not take the time to measure their sons' feet, but long-term foot health is too important to take chances. Properly fitting shoes are important to anyone's feet, but, the proper fit is especially important to growing feet. If the child is into sports that is an additional factor to consider because boys may require sports shoes in a different size than usual in order to have extra foot protection.

Step 1

Measure feet for boys' shoe size, use a tape measure, a pencil and a piece of paper longer and wider than his foot. Make sure the boy stays as still as possible for the most accurate measurement. For better results, have him sit down in a comfortable position. To keep the paper from moving, tape it to the floor.


Step 2

Have the boy press each foot firmly on the taped down paper. For the most accurate boys' shoe size, measure each foot because one foot is usually a little larger than the other. If the larger foot is significantly larger, the best boys shoes size should match the larger foot. Inserts can be placed in the shoe of the smaller foot for comfort and a better fit.





Step 3

Use the pencil to trace around the outline of each foot for the best measurement of boys' shoe size. Make sure to keep the pencil straight and not at an angle for the most accurate measurement. If the pencil is angled in too much, it will measure a boy's foot as more narrow than it actually is. If the pencil is angled too far out, it will record a wider than accurate measurement for the boy's foot.


Step 4

Use the tape measure to measure the length and width of the boy's foot.  Both measurements are important for the best fit for boys' shoes size because having the correct width is as important as finding the correct length for overall comfort. To make the widest and longer parts of the outline easier to measure, use the pencil to mark them with straight lines a few inches long so that they stand out.


Step 5

Keeping the tape measure as straight and taunt as possible, measure from the top of the foot outline by placing the top of the tape measure at the straight pencil line at the longest part of the outline. Hold the tape in place at the top and then measure down to the straight line at the bottom of the outline. Be as accurate with these measurements as possible and do no give into the temptation to round the numbers up or down. Record the length in both inches and centimeters. Inches are for US shoe sizes and centimeters are for non-US shoe sizes. Knowing both sizes for boys' shoes size will increase the options of finding a wider selection of shoes because it will be easy to shop for both US an non-US shoes for boys.


  • When measuring for the correct boys' shoes size, make sure to allow room for the boy's foot to grow by adding an additional 1/2 an inch to the boy's shoe size.
  • After measuring, go online to compare what boys shoes size corresponds to the measurements.

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