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The Best Shoes For Winter

Published at 03/29/2012 20:01:40


Having a good pair of winter shoes is important in order to protect your feet from the cold and the natural elements such as rain and water.  Winter shoes also provide cushioning form the impact of walking or running or any other movement. The best shoes for winter depend on whether you move a lot or just stay in one place. Your day job could require spending lots of time outdoors in the cold, rain, or snow. For others, it means staying in an office or working indoors such as a factory or retail store. The type of shoes that you buy for winter is dependent on your activities and style.


The first pair of shoes that was discovered in the world came from temperate countries where there is a winter season. so, the material of these shoes were made from leather to protect the wearer from the cold winter weather. Eventually, styles and designs evolved that included better insulation characteristics for winter shoes that were not only keeping the feet warm but also protect them from water and humidity.


The best pair of winter shoes is one that will give your feet protection from the cold and humidity. However, feet insulation is one feature that varies among winter shoes. If you move a lot, the feet get warmed so if you are working outside and walk from one place to another, your lower extremities are not cold compared to being stationary. so, the kind of winter shoes that you buy should not be too warm because if you start moving, youll feel warm and will want to take off the shoes. Too much warmth in the feet can also get uncomfortable. Layering also works when wearing shoes like it does on clothes for the body.

Getting a pair of winter shoes that has inner linings made from heat generating materials such as wool is a good way to make sure that you have the right type of footwear for your activities. There are certain outdoor recreation activities that require a lot of stationary movement, that is, staying in one place. Going fishing is one example of these activities. You need a lot more insulation for the feet since without motion, your toes become cold. In addition, a waterproof pair of winter boots should also be considered since humidity contribute to freezing feet.

On the other hand, winter shoes for those going skiing or snowboarding should be waterproof and reasonably insulated. It means that these boots should not be too hot as these recreation activities involve a lot of movement. There are also other types of winter shoes that are available for sale. Most are made from special materials such as Gore-tex and are waterproof. At any rate, all of these winter shoes are designed for the cold and are water resistant.

Fashion boots are other types of winter shoes that you can buy. Depending on the styles and make, these winter shoes can keep your feet warm if there are liners such as faux trim or wool socks inside. There are also fashion boots that are just that, for fashion.

Tips and comments

Keep a couple of winter shoes to wear for specific activities. For instance, if you are going skiing or shoveling the snow in your driveway, you must have the appropriate working boots for the outdoors. Fashion boots can be worn for work, but be mindful that heels on snowy and icy surfaces are dangerous. Go for half an inch of heels and make sure that the soles have good traction.