How To Match a Shirt With Shoes
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How To Match a Shirt With Shoes

Published at 03/26/2012 10:16:44


How To Match a Shirt With Shoes

When ever you are all dressed up, the only problem you see that is lacking your beauty is your shoes. A shoe tells how neat and conscious a person is about his/her self and how much he/she cares about the way he/she looks. People randomly match their shoes without even noticing what the shirt color is. A shirt and shoes matching is really important when one wants to look good and have a complete dressing. In a casual wear or in a formal dressing, your shirt and shoes matching should be given real importance and more emphasis. Once your shirt and shoe has similar colors and they match, you like your dressing automatically.

Step 1

For matching shirt and shoes with one color, you can choose one color out of the many colors in a shirt or if there are 2 colors in a shirt, you can pick the color that is more attractive and match your shoes with it. Whatever the color of the shirt is, all you need to do is, have a pair of shoes that are of the same color as the color in the shirt and your shirt will get praised by all.

Step 2

When you have a shirt that has two colors and one color is not prominent, you can have your shoes matched with that color and this way that part or the color of the shirt will also be noticed. Shirt and shoes matching is done only this way. One color that is not prominent gets prominent by shoe matching.

Step 3

Shirt and shoes matching is necessary. If you have a pair of jeans, let’s say of blue color, and the shirt you’re wearing is of red and yellow color. The yellow color is very prominent while the red color is hidden. You can match your shoes with that red color so that your shirts red color gets noticed as well.

Step 4

The most important part of your dressing is the shoes you wear. Your shoes should be really good. Besides that, your shoes must match your shirt. The only thing that is noticed about you once you enter some place that whether your shoes are matching your shirt or not. Shirt and shoes matching is a must to complete your look.

Step 5

Your routine shouldn’t be that you constantly wear same shoes with every shirt you wear, whether it matches or not, it looks really bizarre. Every time you wear a shirt with any color, try picking out the color that is not very prominent in it and wear shoes of that color, this way your shirt will also get compliment as it is said, shoes compliment your dress. You can also pick the color that is light than the color of the shirt you’re wearing. Let the color of the shirt be dark brown and you can wear light brown shoes with it and it will look good. Shirt and shoes matching doesn’t mean that you have to wear the shoes of the color that is in the shirt. You can contrast your shoes as well.


How To Match a Shirt With Shoes

Shirt and shoes that match well always look elegant. This gives you a look that is complete and you can love your outfit. Shirt and shoe matching is a must whether the matching is from the shirts color or contrast, it looks good and decent.


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